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In a surprising move, Luca Todesco has released what he says could be the last jailbreak we see for some time. It is called Yalu Jailbreak and, according to Todesco, we should make the most of it as jailbreaking seems to be getting harder. Todesco is not known for giving the public jailbreaks, preferring to keep the exploits he finds for his own personal use and, as Taig and Pangu teams seem to be struggling, this looks to be the best we can get right now. First, before you download it, you should take a look at what Todesco has to say about Yalu Jailbreak [ext link].

Image : Yalu Jailbreak

Before you Jailbreak :

  • Because this is a beta jailbreak, users shouldn’t be too hasty in downloading it. He says that it might be better left for the developers for now as it is likely to be somewhat buggy and unstable. He is continuing to work on it though so the choice really is yours
  • You can’t download Yalu Jailbreak with a single click of a button. Instead you must install an app called Cydia Impactor and use that to side-load the jailbreak onto your iPhone or iPad. For this you are going to need a valid Apple ID
  • It is a semi-untethered jailbreak, something we should be used to by now and, as such, it must be reactivated whenever your device is rebooted

How to Downloads and Install Yalu Jailbreak :

  1. Download Yalu Jailbreak .ipa file to your PC or Mac [ext link]
  2. Download Cydia Impactor as well [ext link]
  3. Plug your iOS device into your computer and open iTunes , back the data up on your iPhone or iPad. Do Not leave this step out or you run the risk of losing everything if the jailbreak goes wrong 
  4. Find the .ipa file and open Cydia Impactor
  5. Drag and drop the file into the Cydia window after your iOS device has been recognized
  6. Input your Apple ID 
  7. Wait while Cydia Impactor does this work and side loads Yalu onto your device
  8. When it has finished, disconnect your device and then open Settings > General > Device Management 
  9. Look for the app that was side-loaded and click Trust beside it
  10. Exit the Settings app and, from your home screen, tap on the mach_portal icon
  11. Give it a few seconds while the jailbreak finishes and your device should respring. When it does, Cydia should be on your home screen and the jailbreak is complete

Your next step is to download Cydia Eraser [ext link]. Should anything go wrong with the jailbreak, you can remove it without affecting the iOS version you are on, clearing the way to reinstall the jailbreak if you want to. Follow us on Facebook for more news and tutorials like this one.

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  1. It says it can’t install ipa file I’m on 10.0.2 it says firmware to lie need to upgrade to 10.1.1 im on iPhone 6s Plus what’s up with that

    1. You have to be on 10.1.1 for the jailbreak to work and at the moment it only works on iPhone 7 or 7plus or iPad Pro and I think the iPhone 6splus works as well.

  2. When will this jailbreak work for my iPhone 6 Plus as it is a 64bit device,but thank god I downloaded 10.1.1 as this is the only firmware the jailbreak will work for.so thank you Luca for your hard working nights doing code,but any idea when will the jailbreak work for iPhone 6 Plus?thanks again Luca,

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