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Jailbreaking used to be the only way to download paid and premium apps free of charge. We used to use apps like Installous, AppCake and vShare through Cydia [ext link] but now we can do it without having to go through the process of jailbreaking. vShare Pro has been released to assist both jailbreakers and non-jailbreakers to get those apps onto their iOS devices but, because it is a little tricky to install you need to use vShare Helper.

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vShare Helper is a utility that installs vShare Pro [tutorial] onto your iOS device using your computer. It can also help you to transfer downloaded music into your Music app and to take backups of all your files. vShare Pro is a goldmine of apps, media, ringtones and games that you can download free of charge once installed on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Install vShare Helper :

This tutorial only covers the Windows OS. If you use Mac OSX, head over to our Mac vShare [ext link] tutorial for more instructions

  1. Download the latest version of iTunes [ext link]. To check, launch iTunes and click on Help > Check for Updates. If you need to update, follow the instructions on the screen itunes update mac
  2. Open your PC browser and download vShare Helper [ext link] vshare helper download pc1
  3. Click to run the application on your PC
  4. When the wizard appears, select the location you want vShare Helper installed to vshare helper download pc0
  5. Then choose IPA File Auto Associate
  6. Click on Install
  7. Click Go when the installation has finished
  8. Plug your iOS device into your computer using the right cable
  9. The vShare screen will appear – at the bottom is an indicator. When it says Idle and Used Space, the installation is complete
  10. Tap the vShare Icon and vShare Pro will be installed onto the iOS device connected to your PC vshare_ios_10_safari2_ios_10

How to Install Apps with vShare Helper :

  1. On the vShare Helper screen, click on App
  2. Choose the app, game, media, etc. that you want and click on the icon beside it
  3. Wait for the app to download and then click App on the left menu
  4. On the downloads list [ you can download as many as you want ] , click the arrow beside the ones you want to install
  5. The installation indicator will read 100% when it is finished and the app will be installed on your iPhone or iPad

For Music, you do need to have iTunes installed and when you download Music files through vShare Helper, they will be transferred into your iOS Music app

Other Options :

  1. You can use the jailbreak version of vShare Pro by installing PPHelper onto your iOS device, adding the new repository and then downloading vShare Pro in the normal way through Cydia
  2. You could also download Mojo Installer [ext link] and then choose the option for installing vShare Pro listed under Sources. mojo_installer_sources3evasi0n

Have you used vShare Helper or vShare Pro ? Tell us what you think of them and, to be in the loop on all the latest tips and tricks, follow us on Facebook .

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