Cydia was once one of the most popular downloads on iOS devices in the days when there were jailbreak utilities for just about every version of the iOS firmware. Lately, the stream of jailbreaks has dried up with the odd one that is released only available for some users, not for everyone. Cydia has not received an update for some time now and may users are beginning to miss their favorite tweaks, unable to modify their devices and stuck on the stock iOS. Luckily, there is another alternative and it comes in the form of TweakBox [ ext link], one of the latest app installers to be released.

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What is TweakBox ?

It is one of the best and most comprehensive of all the app installers to be released. TweakBox gives us access to a whole range of content, both jailbreak, and non-jailbreak with the added bonus of not having to install that jailbreak first. With all the features of TweakBox, everyone will be able to find something that suits them.

TweakBox Features :

The biggest feature, the one that will draw many users in, is that fact that TweakBox can be installed on any device without a jailbreak being needed first. Once you install it, you can pick from no less than five app categories:

  • Tweaked Apps – including versions of stock apps that have been modified with additional features
  • Flash Apps – including those that should never be in the app store, even though they are perfectly safe
  • TweakBox Apps – including your favorite emulators, screen recorders and many other tweaks you could only get from Cydia
  • App Store Apps – premium and paid app store content, all for free
  • Modified – modified games that include cheats, in-app bonuses that would cost you money otherwise, unlimited lives, etc.

Download TweakBox :

TweakBox contains pretty much everything you could possibly want to modify your device and, even better, you will find it very easy to install. Once installed, TweakBox contains all the guidance you need for downloading and installing apps onto your device. Should you not like it, use the detailed guidance below to delete it from your iOS device.

Although TweakBox doesn’t rely on a jailbreak and although it contains a good amount of content, you won’t get so much from it as you do from Cydia.

Let us know what your thoughts are on TweakBox. Is it as good as you hoped or are you prepared to wait for a new jailbreak? To get all the latest updates, follow us on Facebook .

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