It seems a long time since we last saw an iOS jailbreak; in recent months, we haven’t seen any that can be used by everyone and some iOS users are getting a bit concerned at the lack of updates to Cydia. Without Cydia, we can’t modify our iPhones or iPads and we can’t download paid content for free in the way that we have become used to. Or at least we couldn’t until TutuApp VIP Installer was released. TutuApp VIP [ext link] is the latest app installer, quite possibly the most comprehensive one yet and the amount of content in it could suggest that this is the way forward, rather than waiting for Cydia [ext link].

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What is TutuApp VIP Installer ?

It is an app installer with access to content that you could previously only get through jailbreaking your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. TutuApp is a gateway to much of the content available in Cydia but without the need for a jailbreak or for you to provide your Apple ID. As well as helping you to download your apps and games in safety, this also protects your warranty since you haven’t jailbroken to get your content. Here are some of the best features of TutuApp .

TutuApp VIP Features :

  • TutuApp is a free download
  • It is updated daily with the very latest content and updates to that content as soon as they are released
  • Downloads at high speed
  • Cache cleaner and memory optimizer built in
  • Plenty of choice of apps and games, premium, free and paid
  • Unlike previous app installers, you can install TutuApp on your device even if it is already jailbroken
  • Works on all models of the iPhone and iPad and even on the desktop computer/laptop
  • Simple to install
  • Can be deleted easily if you no longer want it

Download TutuApp :

TutuApp is going to be a very welcome app installer indeed. The level of content it contains ensures that it will be a decent and comprehensive alternative to Cydia and will suit everybody, whether they are waiting for a jailbreak, already have one or don’t want one. We have a full tutorial for you, including download links, so that you can get TutuApp onto your iOS device easily, given that it can only be downloaded in Chinese at the moment.

Do let us know how you get on with installing TutuApp VIP and what you think of it. For all the latest updates and news, follow us on Facebook.

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