Since iOS 10, we have only seen one jailbreak utility, Yalu jailbreak, and it isn’t very straightforward. Not only does it require Cydia Impactor to install it, it only works on a few devices. Because of this, many users have turned to app installers, like vShare, TweakBox and AppValley [ext link], to get their Cydia apps and content but all of these, including Yalu jailbreak, have one common problem.  Because the app certificates, required for the apps to run, are not signed by Apple, the Cupertino company does not see them as valid and, as a result, they will revoke those certificates quickly. The result of this is your apps crashing and the only way to get them back is to reinstall them – and then Apple will revoke the certificate again.

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Most, if not all users will find this irritating. Not only do you have to spend time reinstalling your apps every time, and this can take a while if you have a lot of them, you also lose all the data and progress you made to date. When you install them again, you have to start over, but we do have some good news , there is a new tool released that stops this from happening. It’s called NessTool and it works just the same as Anti Revoke does on the TutuApp [ext link] Installer apps and tweaks.  Apple doesn’t just revoke the certificates on these apps , they will also pull those for the modified ++ apps we all use, like Snapchat++, Instagram++ and Spotify++.

How NessTool Works ?

When you download NessTool [ext link] onto your iPhone or iPad, one of the first things you will be asked to do is allow a VPN configuration to be downloaded to your device. If you don’t allow this to happen NessTool cannot work to protect your apps so go ahead and give permission. Now, NessTool will always be working when your device is switched on and the VPN it installs will block your app certificates from being verified and revoked by Apple.

It will not take up much space nor will it use all your resources, so you can carry on with what you were doing without any interference form NessTool. The only things to be aware of is that it only protects apps that are on your device at the time you install it. To protect any that you install later, you will need to update it, or you can delete NessTool and reinstall it.

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