Jailbreaking iPhone with Evasi0n Legal ?

Jailbreaking of  iPhone 6 will be an eye-opener to those that have never done it before. It’s kind of like a gateway into another world, a world where you can do just about anything with your iPhone 6 and not get into trouble from the powers that be. We’re talking about Apple of course. iOS is a secure platform, of that there is no doubt. Apple want to keep it that way which is why they keep much of the system closed and do not allow very much in the way of modification. iOS 8 will change things a little ; Apple as it seems has completely overhauled it and seems to have borrowed heavily from the Cydia store as the basis for some of their cool new features.

The Legalities of Jailbreaking iPhone 6 :

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In the eyes of some, Apple included, jailbreaking should not be allowed. They say it is a violation of their system, making it unsecure and inviting viruses and malware. Of course, this is always a risk when you download third-party apps, wherever they are from. Apps that are submitted to the Cydia store are not checked out like they are in the official App store so, yes, you do take the risk of downloading a rogue app or tweak.

Unfortunately for the likes of Apple and those who disapprove, but fortunately for the jailbreak community, in 2010 jailbreaking was ruled legal, on iPhones in any case. Between the EFF  (link) and the US Copyright Office (link), the act of jailbreaking was made exempt under the DMCA Act and is now legal to carry out – at least until they reverse the ruling. The DMCA Act covers copyright protection and is there to make sure that no laws are broken – jailbreaking does not contravene any laws because it only a way of giving the consumer a route to downloading and installing third-party apps legally.


Unfortunately, despite the ruling, Apple is still not a happy company when it comes to jailbreaking.  They continue their fight against the hackers and the jailbreak community as a whole in a game of wits that has been going on for years. Should your jailbroken iPhone 6 require service or repair, whether it is under warranty or not, they will refuse to do it, stating that the problem has been caused by the jailbreak.

Is Jailbreaking iPhone 6 UnSafe ?

That depends on what you call dangerous. You do run the risk of losing your warranty but only if Apple finds out that you have jailbroken your iPhone 6. It’s a process that can be completely reversed and removed from your iPhone 6 before the store even gets to see it so no real danger there.

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Much will depend on which utility you use. Search the internet and you’ll find, quite literally hundreds of sites offering to jailbreak your iPhone 6. Right now, because the iPhone 6 isn’t out and because it will be on a new operating system, there isn’t a jailbreak utility for it. But, there will be and, when the time is right, we will tell you the right one to use and how to use it to safely jailbreak your iPhone 6.



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