Jailbreak iOS 7.0.6

Apple has suddenly released an update to the existing firmware, bringing us to version 7.0.6. The release is to fix an SSL connection verification on newer devices and works on all those with iOS 7 support.  As always when Apple updates their software, users are advised not to download it until developers have tested it for jailbreak compatibility.

Image : Evasi0n iOS 7.0.6 Jailbreak Tutorial

ios 7.0.6 jailbreak

Winocm has now confirmed, via Twitter, that 7.0.6 does not interfere with the jailbreak and is safe to install.  One of the reasons for this may be because iOS 7.1 does patch the exploits so Apple are content with leaving things be for now. It is thought that iOS 7.1 will be released during March.

It’s hoped that evad3rs will release an update to Evasi0n 7 in due course to jailbreak the new firmware but, in the meantime, if you really can’t wait, you can jailbreak iOS 7.0.6 using the guide below.

Before we start, it is worth mentioning that this method is going to involve making some modifications to the Evasi0n 7 v1.0.5. This is done using Hex editing software and is a fairly simple process. It works on Mac and Windows and all devices that have support for iOS 7 will be able to run the jailbreak.

Update :

Evasion 1.0.6 is Now Available. [Link]

How to Jailbreak iOS 7.0.6 using Evasion 1.0.5 :

  1. Download iOS 7.0.6 , making sure to use the correct download link for your specific device – DO NOT UPDATE USING THE OTA METHOD
  2. Download Evasi0n 7 v 1.0.6 [Mac] [Windows]
  3. Back up your data and restore using iTunes
  4. You can also back up your jailbreak tweaks and apps if you want [Skip Step 5 and below]
  5. Download the appropriate Hex editing software for your operating system – both are free
  1. Open the Hex Editor and choose the file for Evasi0n 7. These instructions are for the Mac but the process is the same on Windows
  2. Now open Evasi0n7 > Contents > MacOS > Evasi0n7
  3. On your Mac keyboard click on CMD+F – on Windows it’s CTRL+F – this brings up the “Find” window
  4. Make sure you follow this step exactly:  type in and find “11B511” and hen replace it with “11B651”. This is the new build number for iOS 7.0.6. Make sure you use capital letters where indicated as the search is case-sensitive
  5. Click on File at the top of the screen and click Save. Close down the Hex Editor

You can now use Evasi0n 7 version 1.0.6 to jailbreak iOS 7.0.6. Full instructions to do so can be found here.

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