iOS 11 Jailbreak

Following the launch of this year’s WWDC, Apple has announced iOS 11 download [ext link] to the world, unveiling a ton of new features and changes. With beta 1 of iOS 11 now with the developers, we begin a summer of testing as Apple races to get iOS 11 fully functional and as stable as possible before it is released in September. This should result in a slowing of the iOS 10 updates, leaving the way clear for another jailbreak to be released. Here’s some of what iOS 11 is going to offer.

Image : iOS 11 Jailbreak

iOS 11 Features :

  • New updates to Siri including translation and machine learning
  • New additions to Maps including indoor mapping
  • New look for the iOS app store
  • New look for the lock screen, control center, and notification center 
  • New Apple Cash Pay app with p2p integration in iMessage
  • New functions for the Photo and camera apps
  • Better browsing of files with new File app
  • And much more besides

iOS 11 Jailbreak Update :

iOS 10 has been something of a problem for jailbreakers. In recent years, we have become a little spoilt by the sheer number of jailbreak utilities available to us and we expected iOS 10 to be the same. Sadly, it wasn’t to be as Apple seems to have carried out their promise to make things harder. With no word from any of the jailbreak teams, Luca Todesco stepped in and provided Yalu Jailbreak [ext link], although it only works with a limited number of devices. However, he will not be updating it beyond iOS 10.2 and, as such, if you have Yalu on your device, keep hold of it or you risk losing the ability to jailbreak for some considerable time.

Image : Yalu Jailbreak

With only one jailbreak utility available for iOS 10, it is understandable that some members of the jailbreak community are concerned that iOS 11 jailbreak [ext link] will be the same. With iOS 11 only in its first beta and not expected to be released until September, we have a long way to go and no hope of a jailbreak at this stage. All we do know is that our jailbreak teams will be diligently working on each beta and nearer the time, they will have a better idea of whether a jailbreak is possible or not.

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