iOS 10 Features

On June 13th, Apple seeded beta 1 of the iOS 10 download [ links below ] to developers shortly after revealing the new firmware and talking about the new features included in it. There are quite a few, many of which will suit Cydia tweak developers for new ideas but the big question at the moment is, will we actually see an iOS 10 jailbreak [ext link] ? We can’t answer that at this early stage; both Taig and Pangu will want to spend time examining each iOS 10 beta as it is released, looking for possible flaws and exploits that they can use in a jailbreak and only when they are satisfied will they give us an answer – that won’t be until after public release in September.

Image : iOS 10 Update

ios 10 download evasion

In the meantime, three developers have released details of jailbreaks, which you can look at below, and each has indicated that iOS 10 is not going to be very easy to jailbreak because Apple has taken a tougher line this time around :

  • GasGauge
  • iH8sn0w
  • Flying JB

iOS 10 Features :

  • Apple TV Remote App – Use your iOS device to control Apple TV, sung Motion control, Siri, Voice control or Touch
  • Automatic App Sync – Download certain apps which are then synced across iOS devices, including to your Apple TV
  • Universal Clipboard – Copy to clipboard on one device and see it on another using Continuity
  • Raise to Wake – Wake your iPhone screen just by lifting it and use 3D Touch to interact with notifications on the lock screen ios 10 weather
  • 3D Touch Widgets – for some apps, widgets will be available, enabling you to see updates without having to open the app
  • Siri – More intelligent search results and suggestions based on your location. Siri SDK is being opened up to third party app developers
  • Photos – New people, scene and object detection makes grouping photos easier, along with automatic editing together of movies and photo from the same event. Live photo editing will be made available as well
  • Apple Maps – Maps becomes proactive, offering better suggestions based on your location, turn by turn driving directions, and alternative route mapping based on traffic. Maps is being offered up to third party app developers as well.
  • Apple Music – New look and lyrics being added in
  • Apple News – new look, similar in design to Music, notifications for breaking news and in-app subscriptions
  • Apple Home – a new app, Home will let you use your iOS device to control home gadgets
  • Phone App – Spam calls can now be identified and you will be notified if an incoming call is a spam call also, voicemails will be transcribed to text for you
  • Messages –ios 10 emojiRich links allows the addition of videos in messages. Bigger emoji ions and highlighted words that, when tapped will be replaced with the relevant emoji. Messages App SD is being made available to third-party app developers

Public Beta

Following the success of last year’s public beta program, Apple may well extend it to the iOS 10 download [ext link] and allow people who are not registered as official developers to test out the beta releases. Anyone that doe this will have to be prepared to provide feedback on their testing but Apple is saying that they found last year’s event to be beneficial, helping them to fix issues faster than ever before.

iOS 10 Release Date : 

Finally, a usual, iOS 10 will be released in the fall, sometime in September 2016, around the time the new iPhone 7 models are released. There is nothing to suggest that they will do anything different this year. However, as happens every year, expect older devices to be incompatible with the iOS 10 download [ext link]. Anything older than the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5 will likely not have sufficient hardware and will probably fall off the end.

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