iOS 10 Jailbreak

If recent events are anything to go by, we could be looking at tough times ahead in terms of jailbreaking. While there was no mention of any extra security features when Apple revealed iOS 10 at WWDC, it looks as if they have done something that is going to make things harder.  iOS 10 is looking very good in terms of new features and there are quite a few that will make a great basis for Cydia tweak developers to work on – if we can jailbreak iOS 10. Now, you could argue that won’t be a problem; after all we have seen a few jailbreak details released over the last couple of weeks but not one of those jailbreaks has been released as a public jailbreak and there is good reason for each one of them.

Image : iOS 10 Jailbreak

ios 10 jailbreak evasion

Quick Download Cydia iOS 10 :

This tutorial works for iOS 10 compatible devices. For more ease , watch the linked video tutorial below.

  1. Open up the Safari web browser on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 10 firmwareios_10_cydia_jailbreak_home_ios_10 copy
  2. Launch your favorite search engine, we used Google for this tutorial. In the search box enter this iOS 10 Jailbreak and hit search . ios 10 jailbreak safari search
  3. Now in the search results page find the site with the url . Tap on that as shown above .
  4. The mobile version of the page will load up. If you cannot find the page in the results , simply type in in the address bar of safari browser as shown here. ios_10_jailbreak_safari_ios9c0 (1) copy
  5. Go down to the UP arrow at the bottom of the screen and tap on it. Note : iPad users will find the arrow at the top right of their screens. ios_10_jailbreak_safari_ios9c0 (1)
  6. Now on the options screen, tap on Add to Home Screen  ios_10_jailbreak_safari_ios9c3
  7. Rename the app icon to Cydia and tap on Add ios_10_jailbreak_safari_ios9c4
  8. Shut down Safari and the Cydia app should now be on your homescreen. Tapping on it to launch .ios_10_cydia_jailbreak_home_ios_10

Video : Here is a video tutorial of the above steps

You may remember that Italian hacker and developer Luca Todesco uploaded proof of iOS 9.3.2 and iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak [ext link] . On looking at iOS 10, he determined that his GasGauge 0-day exploit, used in both jailbreaks, had been patched in the new iOS 10 firmware. And, Todesco says, because of this, it won’t work on anything newer than iOS 9.3.3, resulting in him pasting the code onto Ghostbin. That code can be used by anyone who has the knowhow and the confidence to try and build a full iOS 10 jailbreak [ext link] with it but Todesco warns that jailbreaking iOS 10 won’t be easy because of the hard line Apple has taken.

Image : Cydia iOS 10 running on iPhone 6

cydia ios 10.0 ios9c

iH8sn0w was next up, a prominent and well-now developer who provided a video showing iOS 10 jailbroken within just a few days of it being released. Great, you might say, there’s the proof it can be done. But, the jailbreak appears to be using the iBoot exploit that the developer showed off a couple of year ago and it will only work on the older devices. The fact that he hasn’t shown the jailbreak off on the newer devices tells its own story, as does the next jailbreak we saw. Flying JB came at us from a team of Chinese hackers for iOS 9.2.1 and is also only on the older 32-bit devices. And, because it isn’t a GUI-based jailbreak, it’s not going to be very easy to get it onto your iOS device, even if you want to. You can have a go because the team has put the code and full usage instructions onto GitHub. They also say that Apple has made life very difficult for jailbreakers in the future.

Image : iOS 10 Jailbreak from Pangu under works

pangu jailbreak ios 10

iOS 10 Jailbreak Release :

Depending on what Taig and Pangu find, not until after iOS 10 has been released to the public in September. These are the teams we should be watching as they are the ones who have kept us supplied with jailbreaks and they can’t possibly provide one until after public release.

What do you think about the hard line that Apple has apparently taken ? Will it stop us from jailbreaking ? What do you think is going to happen ? Tell us in the comments box below and to be kept up to date on what’s happening. You can also follow us on Facebook.