iOS 10.1 Jailbreak

iOS 10 is the latest firmware to grace our iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches and it is full of useful and neat features, along with the usual performance enhancements and improvements that we have come to expect. The new firmware has already been updated despite only having been released for a few days and we are now on version 10.0.1. For those of you that have not updated and want to, you can follow our step by step guide on all three methods to download and update to iOS 10.0.1 at the given link. Not everyone has updated though, preferring to wait and see if there is going to be another jailbreak but more recent news may have put a damper on that.

Image : iOS 10.1 Jailbreak


iOS 10.1 download [ beta 1 ] has just been seeded to developers and according to Apple it contains a number of features designed to enhance the new dual camera system on the new iPhone 7 Plus, among other improvements. We expect to see iOS 10.1 released publicly sometime in October 2016 and that may mean that Pangu and Taig hold off on releasing any kind of jailbreak until after that.

Current iOS 10 Jailbreak Status :

Right now, the most current jailbreak is PPHelper for iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.3 but we have seen proof that is 10 and iOS 10.0.1 can be jailbroken. Luca Todesco has released a video of an iPad on iOS 10 Jailbreak [ext link] and an iPhone 7 jailbroken on iOS 10.0.1. But, as usual, we cannot expect to see any jailbreak from Todesco so we are back to waiting for Pangu or Taig to now come up with an iOS 10.1 jailbreak in the near future.

Image : Cydia iOS 10.1


Don’t expect to hear any news from either team until the iOS 10.1 jailbreak [ext link] is ready for release. They tend to keep very quiet while they are testing the firmware and building a jailbreak simply because it doesn’t do to let others know what they are doing. In this case, if Apple were to find out which vulnerabilities the teams were going to use in advance, they would simply release a patch for them, stopping the jailbreak in its tracks before it even got started.

To that end, the advice right now is simple – do not update to iOS 10+ if you want to retain your jailbreak and we will keep you fully up to date on all developments regarding the iOS 10.1 jailbreak to get the updates sent straight to your inbox, follow us on Facebook.