Cydia is packed full of useful tweaks, some of which are good and some which are great. Every day new tweaks are being released as developers manage to get further and further into iOS but there a few that have been around for a while that really stand out from the crowd.

Image:  Cydia IntelliScreenX

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Tweaks such as BiteSMS, which has just been given support for iOS 7, will always be there and will continue to be downloaded on a daily basis. And, right up there with it is one of the most popular tweaks ever to hit Cydia, IntelliScreenX.

Intelliborn, developers of the tweak, are releasing teasers of IntelliScreenX 7, developed for the iPhone on iOS 7. It is currently in beta but is nearing the point of general release and you can see what it’s going to be like in this video :

IntelliScreenX 7 brings a new look to the operating system, including a revamp of the Lock screen and Notification Center.  IntelliScreenX has always been the go-to tweak for giving you the ability to get what information you want, where you want to see it. The new version looks set to change the game plan in a big way.


IntelliScreenX 7 gives you just about everything you could want on your lock screen.  As well as accessing your notifications, you can read and reply to your Twitter feed, access your Facebook account and make comments, or any other social network account you have. In fact, there is so much that you can see on your lock screen with IntelliScreenX 7 that we can’t see that you will ever really need to unlock your iPhone again!  The tweak has evolved over the years, improving with each new release and this time it seems that they have the perfect tweak.

Image: Screenshots from IntelliScreenX 7

intelliscreenx ios 7 download

intelliscreenx 7 iphone 5c

Download :

It has a new “slide” feature, which totally changes the way multitasking works. As well as the lock screen, it can be accessed from the Home screen or within an app using a simple gesture.  Slide gives you previews of your running apps in real time without having to exit out of the app you are in at the time. It doesn’t look as if we will have to wait too long for IntelliScreenX 7 to be released and we will let you know as soon as it



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  1. I found a bug when you are in the lockscreen and have a passcode you can press the sms button in the left corner in bottom Then press cancel then slide to unlock and you are in !

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