Nintendo games are among some of the more popular console games, particularly the GBA Games. If you’ve never played one before you most likely know someone who has plaid the likes of Super Mario Bros and Pokémon. When iOS devices were first developed, they were not given the facilities to play anything other than iOS specific games but when Cydia was released and jailbreaking started, we began to see a few emulators creep in. these emulators gave us the means to lay those console games and eventually became the most popular downloads from Cydia. Now that jailbreaking is at an all-time low, few people are able to use Cydia or the emulators but now we have GBA4iOS [ext link], an emulator that doesn’t need Cydia to work.

Image : Gba4iOS App

What is GBA4iOS ?

GBA4iOS was originally developed by Riley Testut for the iOS app store. He managed to get it in there because he based the emulator on a vulnerability that allowed it to work officially but Apple soon patched that, and Riley had to remove GBA4iOS from the app store and take it to Cydia instead. Now though, we can use it without that jailbreak and can download thousands of GBA , GB , and GBC games straight onto our iOS devices. It is full of useful features, including these:

GBA4iOS Features :

  • Easy to download and use
  • No need for Cydia 
  • Fast game speeds
  • Cheat code support
  • Supported on all iOS devices
  • Specially optimized for iPad  
  • Sync with Dropbox easily
  • Airplay and Wireless Linking support
  • Newly designed logo for the app icon
  • Support for URL schemes
  • Fast Forward
  • In-app browser
  • Sustain Button 
  • Event Distribution
  • Multiple Save states
  • Lots of skins, including custom game controller skins
  • Loads more features

Supported Devices :

You can use GBA4iOS on any of the following devices on iOS 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11:

  • iPhone 
  • iPad
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch

How to Download GBA4iOS :

Sadly, you can no longer download GBA4iOS through the iOS app store, but you can get it from another source. All you need to do is download Emu4iOS installer onto your device first and then download GBA4iOS; here’s how:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, Download Emu4iOS 
  2. Open the installer and search for GBA4iOS
  3. Wait for the results and then choose whichever one relates to your iOS version
  4. There will be instructions on the screen; follow them to download GBA4iOS
  5. Now you can play all your favorite GBA/GB/GBC games on your iPhone or iPad

GBA4iOS is not the only emulator in Emu4iOS, there are several others too. This makes it a great source for those who relied on Cydia for their emulators and for those who have never used a jailbreak; download it and drop us a line in the comments to tell us what you think of it. To stay up to date and get more tips like this, you can follow us on Facebook.

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