Download File Browser for iPhone

One thing that many iOS users want to do is be able to use their iOS device for remote access to files stored on their desktops.  There are plenty of desktop apps available but today we are going to look at a standalone file browser that you can get from iTunes.

Image : File Browser

FileBrowser app

It’s called FileBrowser and it allows you to seamlessly connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac or Windows PC. It will also connect to quite a few alternative storage devices as well to give you access to your files.

There are 2 versions of FileBrowser – FileBrowser Lite which is free and the full version which costs $5.99. The Lite version doesn’t give you anywhere near as much functionality as the full version so if you are looking for a comprehensive app you are better off paying your money.

The full version gives you :


  1. Ease of use for connecting, accessing and sharing your files remotely.
  2. Easy set up – FileBrowser requires no setting up. Simply download it on to your iPhone or iPad and, as long as you have the IP address of the computer or storage device your files are on, it will connect directly.
  3. Quick transfers.  This will depend entirely on your network and router speeds but, on the whole, transferring is very fast.
  4. Full support for iOS 9.  The app has been updated to include is support, opening it up to a wider range of devices.
  5. VPN for connections that are not in range of your network. FileBrowser_22

Most people will be using this with their own Wi-Fi network, between devices that already connected to the same network. FileBrowser is extremely fast and provides plenty of features, including support for all iOS file formats, as well as a wide range of other formats.

Download Here :

You can download the full version of FileBrowser from here [ext link].

Update :

Good news, FileBrowser has been updated to support iOS 10 and has also been optimized for the larger screens on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The update brings major improvements in browsing speed as well as a bug fix for an issue that some users had with photo rotation. Download the latest version of FileBrowser Lite here [ext link]. The full version, still at $5.99, offers much more in the way of features, including Touch ID Startup protection and a fix for an issue with iCloud exports.