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Not so long back, the only way that you would be able to make any modifications of any kind to your iOS device would be through a jailbreak. Jailbreaking gives you access to loads of different modifications and other apps that make your iPhone or iPad function the way you want it to. The last public jailbreak was for iOS 9.1 and, perhaps understandably, some users who have updated beyond that version are a little annoyed that they cannot modify their devices any longer. Well, now you can with an app called Extensify.

Image : Extensify Download

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How Extensify Works :

Extensify is a kind of store for tweaks but not the kind of tweaks you would expect to find in Cydia [ext link]. In fact, although this is a useful app, in no way is it going to replace jailbreaking simply because it doesn’t make any modifications that break through the security layers in iOS. Instead, it works in a different way. With Extensify, when you download it, you go into the app and pick the stock app that you want to modify. From there, you can choose which of the available modifications you want to use and add them to a “build”. You can add as many as you like for as many different apps as you like and then when you are done, you simply install them.


Here is where it differs from a jailbreak tweak. Instead of modifying a stock app or downloading a different app, such as BiteSMS instead of the stock Message app, Extensify [ext link] downloads a custom stock app with the modifications added. This does not replace your stock app – it runs in addition to it [image below].


This is a nice app that works very well, giving those who don’t want to jailbreak the opportunity to have their stock apps work with more features and more functionality. It also works smoothly on iOS 9 and on iOS 10 [ext link – download]. There are two methods of download but we can’t tell you about the second one yet because it is still in testing.

Download Extensify Tutorial :

  1. You can only do this using Safari, no other browser will work so open it on your iOS device safari_search
  2. Type this address into the address bar download extensify2
  3. Tap the UP arrow that you will find at the bottom of the loaded page extensify download
  4. Tap on Add to Home Screen from the options download extensify1
  5. Call your icon Extensify , and tap on Add as shown in the image here download extensify0
  6. Close safari down when it is finished and you will see the app icon on your home screen extensify app on ios 9 homescreen

Video : The above steps explained step by step

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