Evasion iOS 7 Jailbreak Tutorial – How to Install

In a totally unannounced move, evad3rs have just released evasi0n 7 for all compatible devices on iOS 7 to 7.0.4.  As with evasi0n for iOS 6, it is a fairly straightforward procedure to download the jailbreak but for those who are new or who need a little assistance, this guide will walk you through the procedure.

Image : Evasi0n iOS 7 Download and Installation Guide

evasi0n ios 7 cydia

Compatibility :

Evasi0n 7 is compatible with the following devices on iOS 7 up to 7.0.4 :

  • iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C
  • iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2 with Retina
  • iPod Touch 5

It will not work on anything older than these devices nor is it compatible with Apple TV or any device on iOS 6+ . Before you begin, please make sure you take a backup of your device using iTunes or iCloud, or even both just to be on the safe side.

How to Download and Install Evasi0n 7 :

1.      Download Evasi0n 7 – make sure you choose the correct version for your operating system
2.      Locate the file and double click on it to run it . evasion-jailbreak-ios-7-ios-7.0.4-evasi0n-windows-mac-download 3.      Remove the passcode from your iOS device if you have one set – you can always enable it again afterwards:

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Passcode Lock ios 7 passcode iphone 5
  4. Tap to disable it

4.      Connect your iOS device to your PC or Mac using the USB cable connect with pc mac iphone  (2)
5.      Evasi0n should pop up a message confirming that the device has been detected and the Jailbreak button will be available
6.      Click on the Jailbreak button and let the utility do its work. Do not touch your device or computer unless you are asked to do so. evasion jailbreak
7.      The final step to the download will be when you are asked to tap on the evasi0n icon on your device Home screen – do so evasion jailbreak iOS 7

Time Required : 5 Minutes

The whole process should take no more than 5 minutes and you should expect your iOS device to reboot several times. It is perfectly safe for you to start again should anything go wrong – all you need to do is reboot your device and start the program over again.

Video : 5 Minute Evasion Jailbreak Tutorial on Video

While it has come as a surprise to the jailbreak community as a whole, the release also caught Saurik, creator of Cydia on the hop as well. As such, he has not yet been able to test the jailbreak and there is a high chance of you running into a few issues with Cydia and some of the apps and tweaks therein.

We already know that there is a problem with those that rely on MobileSubstrate so it would be a good idea to only download those that are compatible with iOS 7 for now. If we hear of any other issues we will report them to you and, if you come across any, please let us know in the comments box below.

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  1. WoW… Thank you Guys…

    Worked wll for me… Everything!!!

    My iPad Air 7.0.4 Is now jailbroken…


      1. Got the same problem and got out of it.
        Conect the device to itune, and try as many time as recessary to get a connexion holding power and home on device,. Once you get the picture of the connexion on the device you can go on recovery mode in itunes. i got stuck 3 times in the middle of recovery and it worked the 4 th. Then you can recover your backup.

      1. The phone isnt bricked lol. It just is boot looped. You need to restore , yes. Bricked is when your phone becomes a paper weight.

  2. Tried to download the ios7 version but keeps coming up with the 6.1 download. When i have tried to re-install i seem to go onto a loop cycle with the download… so a bit confused

    1. im having exact same problem with iphone 5 and ipad 3.
      has been on configuring system 2/2 for about 40, im having to stop jailbreak and deleting the icon it leaves, which is empty.

  3. It works just fine for me.I never had any trouble.Give your idevice a hard boot and then turn it back on,It never said that in the directions but from all my JB I have done that and everyone has been a success with that procedure.Also I like to shut everything down as nothing is running in the back ground.As the instructions said sit back and watch the fun happen.
    Good Luck to all the JB.A BIG thanks to the guys that made this happen.Merry Christmas.

  4. hi my name is amir and i am from iran yep it was best but how should i turn back to normal without jail broken i cant update my mobile help

  5. The apple boot logo will keep happening as it hasn’t been tested as of when it was released as soon as the updated version of jailbreak has been release the jailbreak will work then for iOS 7 and compatible devices.

  6. My 4S jailbroke OK, but when I tried to open Cydia it all went wrong. I ended up with no Phone, Music, Messages, AppStore, or Cydia. Lots of other stuff disappeared, too.

    Without Cydia it’s pretty much useless. I had to restore to 7.0.4 (which took about two hours!) before I could use the phone again. I plan to wait until Saurik says Cydia is ready.

    1. you just need to jailbreak again and when it’s says unlock your device and tap on evasi0n 7 icon then do so….. after rebooting you will get all the stuff including cydia … then just delete the evasi0n 7 icon and then congratulation your phone is completely jailbreaked :)

  7. Guys;

    how we can install applications now, is there any compatible that replace installous application for iOS 7. this is close related to have AppSync for iOS7 as well….


  8. Don’t forget that the over the air(OTA) UPDATE WILL affect the jailbreak and you will probably end up doing a restore. Should be fine after that

  9. I would download it but no jailbreak app on my dads it got stuck at ape logo test it before releasing it dumbass

    1. they did test it and some people are having the boot loop problem ( me for 1) im just gonna wait till after xmas when they will hopfully resolve the issue but for the majority the jailbreak works its a handful of devices over the full range where they get the boot loop

  10. I get an error that the “disk image is damaged and can’t be opened” when I try to open the Evasion application using OS 10.8.5.

  11. hello together i have the problem that my macbookpro ios 10.6.8 can not open the file there is always written: cannot open because a problem. i download your newest jailbreak for ios 7.0.1 till 7.0.4
    thanks for your help
    merry christmas

  12. Hi,
    got an Iphone 5, IOS 6.0.1 Jailbroken -- how can i update to IOS 7 without losing all my jailbroken apps and tweaks???



  13. Waiting for baseband preservation support by sn0wbreeze…can’t believe u guys r already havin the fun..;(

  14. i have iphone 4 and i jailbreak my iphone and its on ios 7.0.4 after completing all process the iphone get stucked at apple logo even i cant restore pressing home button and power button plzzz help me i iphone is not working or nothing

    1. restore if you are not unlucky like me and look serious, because it was a fake and there fell in, because I broke my mini ipad and my iphone 5 with this shit, I’m not even able restore yet I know very well in this area.

  15. After completing process it is asking for activation ?? and after that is it saying SIM not valid and is not from valid carrier..???

  16. Hi guys I downloaded the jail break on my IPhone 4 running 7.0.4 after doing so my device mail safari msg icons disappeared meanehile some of the other applications installed stop responding after several unsuccessful attempts I had to restore my IPhone on iTunes.i had it jailbroken before but since I updated I lost my JB, hope wr csn solve ghis issue thanks guys keep the good work going.

  17. I have ipad 3 running 7.0.4, after running evasion7, got stucked in the apple start screen. Had to make a full recovery, then a backup and it’s working as before, but no JB.

  18. Why does it still mention the Iphone 3GS, I was under the impression that the 3GS wasn’t able to update to ios 7?

  19. So I Download It And open cydia and download repositories, and download stuff such as bitesms and none of the apps or settings open up, or even accessible…. what should I do?

  20. Had no luck with this thing. STRONGLY DO NOT reccomend! First of all, if you’re not careful, and I wasn’t, because I ended up downloading a number of nasty spyware/maleware items, that would not go away, simply by un-installing the “Evasion Segments”. Then, I followed the instructions and disabled the screen lock password, but it still thinks it’s enabled, and gives me the same error message as before I disabled it. Any clues, I’d appreciate the info. Mostly, so far, for me, this thing has just been a pain in the ass.

  21. Tried on IPod 5G Got stuck on Logo on Second Boot. Will try again later today and post the status.

    Problems If Your Device Is Looped Or Stuck On Apple Logo:

    1.Plug in your device to the computer

    2.open itunes (it will (NOT) recognize your device so don’t look for it or wait for it too pop up)

    3.While the device is connected too the computer (Hold down the Power and Home Button at the same time and wait till an (itunes) logo with a connector appears on the screen of the device) If nothing happens just disconnect and reconnect the device too the computer

    4.Your device should appear in itunes in (recovery mode)
    and a window should appear to tell you (Restore and Update)

    5.After the Restore is finished you can choose to restore from back up.

    (This a 1-2 hr Process) (3 hr MAX)

    1. Hi….I just got the the recovery mode …..but my mac book pro does not show any backup. ..When I go ogled where to find backup I found it in mobile sync folder but der r files too many. ..but not specified one. …can’t understand now what to do.
      Please help
      ipad 2

  22. iPhone 5S iOs 7.0.4. After Jailbreak, phone is stuck on boot screen and wont go any further. Had to restore my phone.

    1. restore if you are not unlucky like me and look serious, because it was a fake and there fell in, because I broke my mini ipad and my iphone 5 with this shit, I’m not even able restore yet I know very well in this area.

  23. JB done! Iphone 4 GSM IOS 7.0.4 Works like a charm! BUT with any installed app i have no settings :( so…nothing is working!!winterboard, five icon, barrel, zeppelin….just downloading package…and no icon under settings!!!!!

      1. It is due to Mobile substrate not being ready yet and compatible with iOS 7
        Saurik is working on it and it should be released soon.

  24. im stuck at the screen where it says tap on the evasion 7 icon when i tap it,it comes up as a white screen and thats it

      1. Same thing click on evasi0n icon white screen opens and nothing….what do i do to fix it

  25. thnx successfully jailbreaked my iphone 4 ios 7.0.3. now how can i install cracked apps?? i tried to install them through latest version ifunbox but could not install. any way to install apps now??

  26. Wont let me open Evasi0n, it says that it cant be opened because its from an unidentified developer…….whats going on? Please help, thanks!

    1. all you have to do to get past not being able to open evasion is to hold control while clicking on it. it then gives you the option to open an application from an unknown developer.

  27. i find it very good and most of the times preventing all issues to do a clean install of the iOS before the jailbreak and then sync your stuff back

  28. HI,

    so my iPad 2 is stuck rebooting. the problem i have is that my home and sleep button dont work, as i was using gestures on jailbroken iOS 5 before this. so there is no way to hard restart the iPad. so i had to wait until the iPad battery died and i tried to plug it in to my mbp but when it got juice again, it still isn’t recognized by the computer, and it just started rebooting over and over again, again. ha. anybody please have help for me? i seriously think i have forever bricked my iPad. Please help!

    1. Put it into restore mode so the cable appears. Hold home and off buttons until the cable appears. Google for videos of how to put it in the mode if unsure.. Btw not DFU mode you want the cable icon on the screen.

  29. Successful jailbreaks on 3-iphone 4’s, 1-iphone 4S 16Gb, & 1-iPad Air 64Gb. The jailbreak for the 4S and iPad Air went smoothly as did one iPhone 4. On the other 2-iphone 4’s, I found that I had to increase the memory by deleting some larger apps and/or video content to make room for the jailbreak & Cydia. The 3-iphone 4’s were only 8Gb.

    Thanks evad3rs! You guys are awesome!

    1. Put it into restore mode.. Hold home and on buttons until the cable appears then plug into pc and restore through iTunes should work as iTunes thinks its a new phone

  30. thnx, successfully jailbreaked my iphone 5 ios 7.0.4. how can i install cracked apps?? i tried to
    install them through latest version ifunbox but could not install. any way to install apps?

  31. Step 6 of instruction is WRONG. Once the Evasi0n icon appears on your iDevice, you need to click on it in order for it to reboot a couple of times for it to complete the jailbreak process. I took the instruction and just waited for at least 10 minutes but to no avail and click on the X button to close out the Jailbreak because I thought it didn’t work. Fortunately, the Evasi0n window won’t close it out.

    Also, I did not get any instruction during the entire process.


    1. restore if you are not unlucky like me and look serious, because it was a fake and there fell in, because I broke my mini ipad and my iphone 5 with this shit, I’m not even able restore yet I know very well in this area.

  32. I did it.but there’s a problem in installing cracked apps.which cydia tweak should i need?in i tool my device was shown as no jailbreak .was it due to incomplete jailbreaking?there’s cydia app on my iPad 2.version 7..0.4.plz help me coz I’m a newbie.

    1. restore if you are not unlucky like me and look serious, because it was a fake and there fell in, because I broke my mini ipad and my iphone 5 with this shit, I’m not even able restore yet I know very well in this area.

  33. hi….cool tutorial there…..but an having issues installing cracked apps on my iPhone 4 even with AppSync installed….what’s the solution?

  34. hi….cool tutorial there…..but an having issues installing cracked apps on my iPhone 4 (7.0.4) even with AppSync installed….what’s the solution?

      1. restore if you are not unlucky like me and look serious, because it was a fake and there fell in, because I broke my mini ipad and my iphone 5 with this shit, I’m not even able restore yet I know very well in this area.

  35. Every now again I load cydia just a blank screen comes up and I can’t do anything apart from acess siri so I have to hold sleep an home button to turn it off then back on again. Then cydia works. But it keeps happening. Before it was I think when I installed appsync cos the cydia would show the white screen an when I’d restart the phone my mail app safari, weather etc wouldn’t load. So I uninstalled appsync, respring, went to ifile, removed mobile list or whatever from cache. I’ve done it so many times ‘launch services’ ain’t there. Rebooted and it would work. But then it kept happening so I uninstalled appsync/appcake and this morning cydia went white again. I restarted the phone and it all started working again eg mail, safari, cydia. This is without appsync installed. I jus hope it doesn’t keep happening. Is there a fix for this?

  36. I recently downloaded evasion 7 and attempted to jailbreak my iPhone 4, running 7.0.4. When I tap on the evasion app nothing happens, I’ve went through the process multiple times the way it said to, and cydia will not install. What do I do from here?

  37. its been on the apple logo for about 10 mins what do i do. I’ve completed the process but this apple logo wont go off

      1. restore if you are not unlucky like me and look serious, because it was a fake and there fell in, because I broke my mini ipad and my iphone 5 with this shit, I’m not even able restore yet I know very well in this area.

  38. my jailbreaks on iphone 4s and ipad 4 have went well but when try to open mail or safari they just close down again, any advice?

  39. hey guys please help me i ant jailbreak using ios 7.0.3 my ipad 4 but it cant jealbreak using ios 7.0.3 on that time then i restore using itunes but it stucks during installing software in my ipad what can i do my ipad become dead

  40. iPhone 4 running ios7.4.
    First jailbreak ever. When I open cydia it says looking for files goes to apple logo and restarts. Is cydia not compatable? What’s the point of jail breaking if I can’t get apps? Should I restore and start over?

  41. Seemed like everything went perfect. I saw the cydia icon, clicked on it, did some type of update, and now I can’t find cydia no where….? Where did it go? Did I do something wrong?

  42. I by accidentally clicked “user”, how do i change my account to “developer”!? Please help!!!!!!!


  44. when i click on my evasi0n7 icon it opens for like a second and then closes again and i can’t continue the process without opening the app so anyone please help??!

  45. I have update my iphone 4s from ios 6.1.3 to 7.0.4 but both evasions 7 versions 1.01 and 1.02 stuck in the way and jailbreaking doesn’t finish so i get fedup after about half hour so i plug off my phone any solution?

  46. I found myself in the reboot loop, had to restore from a fresh copy, that put me into endless errors that resulted in having to change the going to gs.apple.com and adding the # sign (check out apple support solution for error 3194 if you are having problems).

    Anyway, saying there is a ‘little’ problem with the over the air updates is a ridiculous statement, almost everyone I’ve heard of with problems didn’t do a fresh update.

    It’s better to do your backup, then simply restore your phone to a clean 7.04, then restore from your backup, jailbreak, and you should be golden.

  47. I can’t jailbreak it because my device is unactivated. What can I do in this case, it’s an iPhone 4s from AT&T, do I need to get an AT&T sim or what? Also it’s blocked by an iTunes account I don’t own the password of.

    Thanks in advance

  48. After i download the evasion hack, and i drag it to my desk top, and then i click on it and it wont open, it says there is an error or cannot find the file, please help me

  49. once i have finished the reboot ipod thing (for the second time) it the comes up with unlock followed by fixing the roofs? after this it just closes down the program no cydia and if i go on the evasion app it just comes up with a white screen. what do i do?

  50. After i click the icon it reboots but i don’t get the evasion screen (it doesn’t turn off for the third time) and evasion doesn’t get replaced with cydia.

  51. I’ve followed the steps to the T, and it gets all the way to where the program says “configuring root(something)” the program dissappears, and Evasion 7 is on my phone .. but if you try to open it.. the screen stays blank and nothing. Any advice?

    1. I have the same issue, I guess nobody has an answer for this or they don’t care because its not a common issue.
      I get to where I click on the evasi0n icon and it pops up and it just a blank white screen with nothing happening. After about 5 minutes it closes, but the jailbreak is still saying “To continue, please unlock your device and tap the new ‘evati0n 7’ icon.”
      Oh and I disabled the passcode before I started.

      1. I tapped on the icon several times after it closes, and I also rebooted my device and tried to install jailbreak again 3 times and I get to the icon and have the same results, just a white screen and nothing happens.

      2. ME TOO IT IS SO FRUSTRATING!! everything is installed, i take out my device, go in the evasi0n7 app and a blank white screen. it freezes my screen too. i have to turn off my iphone 4s because of the freeze.

  52. Hi I did jailbreak using evasion for IOS 7.0.4 iphone4, now i can see the Cydia installed in my phone. But I am getting “no service” can you please help me how to pass through.

  53. When I plug my ipad air into the computer that i have downloaded Evasi0n on, the link you are supposed to click stays faded and is unclickable.

    Help please.

  54. I have a problem trying to jailbreak my ipad air. It says that I have a passcode on, but I don’t. Should I restore my ipad?

  55. Hey! every time i finish the download on the megavideo download link a message comes up that says “application not foud”… did something happen to the link?

    what can i do?

  56. My iPhone whenever trying to open the app it remains in the white screen then auto quits. i did the process correctly and even redid the process again too.

  57. Hi tried jailbreaking my iPhone 5(7.0.4). just not completing the jailbreak. Not able to see Cydia icon. Only able to see Evasion icon clicking on it, device is getting rebooted and then back again with the same Evasion icon.

    Someone help me please.

  58. Seems as if no one has an answer to the issue of the white screen when the evasion icon is opened. I ran the up almost 10 times and still no Cydia

      1. There’s really no fix for this after a year. Dozens of people have this problem and there isn’t a fix. I tried this New Year’s 2014 and didn’t work. Saw my old iPhone 4s and tried it again, still now working. If ANYONE has the fix, please tell us how.

  59. i get all the way through to the end but then when i click the evasi0n 7 icon, it just goes white and stays like this?

  60. Why is no one answering the white screen problem? It is a big deal and seems to be a common issue with no solution! Please can someone find a way to fix it????

  61. i tried to jailbreak my iphone 4s and i do everything it says and cydia doesnt show up. its still evasion icon what do i do?

  62. Help?? I restored all my settings! Like i didn’t delete anything, but when i turned on my ipad mini My Byta font tweak and zepplin and stuff still worked, but i cant find the cydia icon, and winter board, and zepplin!!?

  63. Confused. Have managed to install evasion. logo appears iPhone home screen but when I tap it to finish the process it’s just a blank screen. how do i complete the final step? do i need cydia? thanks:)

  64. sooooooo…………….. i downloaded evasi0n to my computer then ont my phone but every time i open the app it goes all white screen then closes

  65. I am ruuning on mac os x version 10.6.8 and evasion cannot open because of a problem it is asking me to download again and i tryied many times pls help

  66. I got the white screen also but I figure it was probably due to the fact that my last iOS update was done over wifi. All I did was back-up my phone and restore it (using the cord, not over wifi) and when I tried to jailbreak it again I had no issues! The white screen did not happen again. The jailbreak itself only took 5 minutes.

  67. when I start to download it works but right at the end when you unlock it it will finish but it wont have cydia on my iphone 4s it has iso 7.0.4 how do i get it to work?…

  68. “evasi0n 7” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should eject the disk image.
    won’t let me open program to jailbreak ipad3

  69. When i jailbreak my phone it did the exact same thing yours just did , but the cydia app didn’t pop up so how am i supposed to get that app to get all the features

  70. Ugh. I need help.

    Every time I try the install, it goes through the steps just fine until the end. No errors or freezing. But instead of the Cydia icon, it shows the envsision icon on my ipad. And if I click on that, nothing happens. It seems like the envision icon is supposed to be replaced when the install is complete, but that’s not happening for me.

    Has anyone found a fix for this?


  71. When it says “tap the new evasi0n 7 icon” I tap it and it shows me a blank white screen but with the time and carrier and everything still on the top but the evasi0n app or whatever doesnt load properly. HALP?

  72. when i open evasi0n 7 and plug in my device, it says that i have passcode lock on and that i have to disable it. The issue is i had passcode lock off\disabled before hand. So even though it’s off, it wont allow to continue

  73. Hey, i am trying to jailbreak my ipad 4 with ios 7.0.6. i clicked on the download and i am currently downloading evasion to my windows 8 laptop and it just keep loading and loading… How long does it take to download evasion?

  74. hello i tried to do this on my iphone 4s and just before the jailbreak finish the program shut down and i just have evasion on my phone and not cydia help pls

  75. I can’t jailbreak it because my device is not activated. Can or is there a way to modify the evasion program on my end to allow it to run so that i can JB my ipad 4? I guess i need to hack the hack so to speak =/

    possibly via a hex editor maybe?

  76. When I open the evasion app the last time it becomes white and just stays there. Is this supposed to happen?

  77. why does mine dont work after doing all that i clicked evasion 7 and it only leaves me in a blank white page?

  78. I am running an iMac with Mavericks OS (10.9.2) and the last couple of releases of Evasion don’t work.. I download the app.. open the image and drag the app into applications.. then I double click it.. nothing happens.. have tried right click open.. nothing.. have allowed all apps in security..nothing… have open package contents, gone into MAC and clicked on evasion

    Once again nothing.

    I have had this problem with the last couple of versions on my macbook pro and my iMac… when you click the app it does a little wiggle and then simply stops loading.. no spinning wheel… no black screen… just nothing whatsoever

    PLEASE can someone reply



  79. i turned off my passcode but when i connect my phone it says that i need to take off the passcode but i did… im a bit confused

  80. I reset my ipod 5 gen and long story short, I can’t activate it. Is there any way to jailbreak it without activation? Or no? Please help?!(:

  81. I did the Jailbreak just now on a iPhone 5 running 7.0.6 it went through with no problems but after it all finished it got stuck in the apple logo mode. This really needs some more work. I had to do like the video posted way above and restore my iPhone 5.

    1. but if you restored your phone you have also updated the IOS to 7.1 and evasi0n is not compatible with this version

  82. I’m stuck with a white screen when entering the app and it doesn’t load… how do I fix it??

  83. Cydia doesn’t appear to be installing on my iPod touch 5g the whole process runs fine but after I unlock the device. For the last time evasion closes…running on MacBook Pro

  84. On my phone this worked up until I opened Cydia for some reason it won’t download the Debian Packager.

  85. I need help I downloaded jailbreak and it asked if I wanted to make “so and so” my default search browser now instead of using Google it uses bing. Please help me redo this. I tried going to preferences and changing it manually but it did not help.

  86. I jailbroke evasi0n onto my device and everything was fine. This was until I opened the evasi0n app on my phone. It opens but it just shows a white screen for some reason. What does it mean?

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  88. When I tried to install Evasion I got a message from my anti virus that there is a Trojan horse is this file.
    Can’t you put a file online without this virus?

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