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Despite dozens of reports confirming that the jailbreak developers will NOT be making a utility to jailbreak iOS 6.1.3 or 6.1.4, people are still asking about one. The dev teams have told us that they are concentrating their efforts on iOS 7 at the moment, as this is the bigger and more important update. iOS 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 only affect a relatively small number of the total amount of users whereas iOS 7 will be far more widespread.

Image : iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak Status on Evasion by jailbreaker Stefen for a closed group of users

6.1.3 jailbreak ios 6.1.4

Stay Away from iOS 6.1.3 Fake Jailbreak Tools :

There are a number of websites that claim to be able to provide users with an untethered jailbreak utility for iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4. Many of these claim to have the evasi0n download for these firmwares. Evasi0n is the jailbreak tool that was released in February for iOS 6 and will only work on 6-6.1.2. It’s also a completely free tool whereas many of the sites you come across will be asking for money. Any website that charges you for a jailbreak download is a fraud. The development teams operate on a donation basis, they do not make a charge for the work they do. If you are in any doubt, please check the evad3rs or evasi0n websites for up to date information.

iOS 61.4 – iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak Successful :

Having said all of that, a new team has raised its head in the developing world. Called UnthreadedJB, they appear to have successfully released a jailbreak for the iPhone 4 CDMA version, running on iOS 5.1.1 or lower. However, it is only for Linux users. They have also announced that, very shortly, they will have untethered tools available for both 6.1.3 and 6.1.4.

Image : Evasion versions on three major operating system – Mac , Windows and Linux

evasion download

At first look, UnthreadedJB looked to be a fake, another scam set up to rip people off. However, on closer look, this may not be the case. They have, after all, managed to release a working jailbreak for older iOS versions, making use of exploits that were already in use.  Team evad3rs took a closer look and found that they were actually a genuine team who seemed to know what they were doing. You can take a look at what UnthreadedJB claim to be capable of in this video that supposedly shows an iPhone on iOS 6.1.4 jailbroken.

Obviously there will be people who think that something is just a little bit off about the whole thing. How can a new team just appear from out of the blue and succeed in doing what evad3rs won’t do? While it’s not beyond the realms of possibility for this to happen, this team is looking more and more likely to be nothing more than just a very clever community troll.

Download Evasion :

That said, it’s perfectly possible for them to release the 6.1.3/6.1.4 jailbreak. They might be better off waiting for iOS 7 though – any exploits that are used now will be gone forever and cannot be reused for iOS 7. Apple is likely to pick up on the exploits used and patch them quickly, to protect iOS 7 from the same thing. And that would destroy all the hard work that the developers have put in so far.




  1. Who ever this NEW TEAM JailBreak. If you actually have a 6.1.3&6.1.4 JB LEAVE IT ALONE
    1st reason it’s less than a month for IOS7 and if u release now your fuckn over the ios7 JB
    2nd you’ll totally screw your team over cause everybody and their dog would hate you for wrecking ios7 JB
    So if u do got a6.1.3 JB DO NOT RELEASE IT

    1. Um, not every device will be compatible with iOS 7. For iPhones it will only work with the 4S and higher, for iPod touches it only works for 5th gens. As for iPads I don’t know. I only have a 4th gen iPod touch and have no intentions of buying a 5th gen simply to have iOS 7, and I cannot afford an iPhone. I would very much appreciate a jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3. It would not be “wrecking” iOS 7, it would be pleasing other Apple device users who cannot get iOS 7.

      1. I feel like u an think it not cool to stop people like us with older devices an stuck on iOS 61.3 fuck iOS 7 home care

    2. Nah u only feel like that people are mad as hell who are stuck back the on iOS 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 please who ever this kick ass team is need to like give us that link

    3. I don’t think you should be talking to people like that, imagine spending A LOT of time on something, and then been told by some1 don’t you dare release it, because I want to get the new free one that’s coming out soon, lol get with it m8. Respect what you get for free. Gratz to the guys if they have. I know it must of taken a lot of time :)

    4. The device i use is not compatible with ios 7, as well with all my friends. everyone has been asking for a 6.1.3 jailbreak, ipod 4th gen and ipod 3rd gen will not get ios 7. Also ios 7 has a new firmware, so making a jailbreak for 6.1.3 would not be “wrecking” ios 7.

  2. Good evening Sir I’m Hana Berlo i practice on how to Jailbreak and unlock my iphone 4 32gb modem firmware 04.12.05 Softbank Locked but until now i did not unlock please help me to unlock this unit..Thanks

  3. I’m looking an trying to get jb for iso 6.1.3 is there an working one an if so were do I get it from I’ve looked around an found nothing but scam help meee

      1. you can only jailbreak ios 6.1.3 with redsnow guys but is the tethered version i would apraciate if evad3rs would make an jailbreak for 6.1.3 but i know ios 7 is out and is the biggest one over the world so….but that doesnt mean that like iphone 3g and ipods 4g etc dont want the jailbreak it should be fair for alll apple user..

  4. If this team is real then were the real link at or something hell make my Friday good cause I’m get broad with apple other wise

  5. I love jailbreaking but I’ve tried snowbreeze but when I use the
    Snowbreeze Ipsw on iTunes i think it’s 3914 error what comes up

  6. can you please help me unlock my ios 6.1.3 if you can help me i will be so thankful thank you if you try to help i appreciate it

    1. Slide ur finger across the screen from left to the right (at the bottom of the screen ) then typ pass code if u have one . This usually works for me . Serriocelly what’s wrong with you

    2. i activate my iphone 3gs using SAM tool running ios 6.1.3
      now it is untethered on 6.1.3. only cydia and its app are not working. all other things are working fine.

  7. i activate my iphone 3gs using SAM tool running ios 6.1.3
    now it is untethered on 6.1.3. only cydia and its app are not working. all other things are working fine.

  8. I am iranian person. And in Iran country jailbreak is very important . Here all things is without law. And copy & right is free. I am not agree than it law. And thanks for evasion group. Good luck

  9. i have an iphone 3gs jailbreaked with me n i m tired using ios 4.1 in it. will the above process help me get my 3gs unthetered 6.1.3 or it’ll b just thetered

  10. hi mate am writing to you because I recently found out the benefits of having a jail broken iphone but seen a lot of sites were they say they can jailbreak my device but also found out that most of these sites are fake so your my last option to see if my iphone is capable to jailbreak.my phone is a / 3GS / IOS / 6.1.3 (10B329) and model MC637B/A / plz could you let me know THANKS

  11. How Can I jailbreak using Evasion ios 6.1.6……………I search everywhere but i can’t found….!!!!!!!!!!!!

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