Jailbreaking has always been a popular pastime for many iOS users but with the latest iOS version, we seem to be lacking in utilities. This, according to the jailbreak developers, is down to the fact that Apple has made it very hard to jailbreak, not only with new security features but with the constant onslaught of updates that have been thrown at us. Yalu is the only jailbreak we have for iOS 10 and that is somewhat limited in who can use it, leaving many users without access to Cydia [ext link] and without access to apps like vShare [ext link] that give us paid content . At long last, we have a solution and it comes to us as AppToko app installer.

Image : AppToko Download

What is AppToko ?

AppToko is an installer, a store that is packed with content you could once only get by jailbreaking. AppToko allows you to download as much paid and premium content as you want for free, including the latest games, app, themes, ringtones, eBooks, comics, wallpapers and so much more. Android users can also take advantage of AppToko [ext link], giving them some idea of what iOS users have been able to enjoy all these years. Look at the features that AppToko offers:

AppToko Features :

  1. You don’t need to jailbreak to install AppToko, making it perfect for Android users as well
  2. Enjoy high-speed downloads and transfer rates 
  3. All the paid and premium content you want, including the top charts from the iOS and Android stores
  4. Get your hands on content you won’t find anywhere else
  5. Choose from the very best apps, games, themes, wallpapers, ringtones, comics, eBooks and a good deal more
  6. User-friendly app, simple to download and use
  7. Multiple downloads supported
  8. Now available to download in English

Download AppToko :

AppToko has to be one of the easiest app installers to download and use and you will find all the information you need, including the download links, at the articles below. We have also prepared instructions on how to delete AppToko if you find it is not what you want or it doesn’t work for you:

AppToko is not Cydia and it won’t offer you everything you have become used to. What it does offer is free access to all the paid and premium content you want and, for some users, this is enough to get them through to the next jailbreak.