Jailbreaking seems to have come full circle; we went from few jailbreaks to having as many as we could possibly use and now, since iOS 10, back to almost nothing. For over a year now, anyone who updated their devices has been unable to use Cydia for downloading tweaks, modifications, themes, and ringtones, not to mention premium content for free. Luckily, we are not without options as several developers have released helpful app installers. While they don’t have everything that Cydia does, they do offer a few tweaks and modified apps, along with plenty of other content for free. The newest one to be released is called AppEven.

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What is AppEven ?

An unofficial third-party app store, AppEven  offers a great choice of tweaks, ++ modified apps like Spotify++, Pokémon Go++, Instagram++ and Snapchat++, along with a lot of paid content for free and lots of other apps and games that you cant get from anywhere else. With no jailbreak required, its well worth a look and these are the top features:

AppEven Features :

  • Simple to download
  • User-friendly interface   
  • Cydia not required
  • Support for iOS and Android
  • Compatible with iOS 7 to iOS 11
  • Safe app to use
  • Selection of tweaks and modified apps
  • Lots of paid apps for free
  • Plenty of other content and features

Supported Devices :

AppEven supports these iOS devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Pro
  • iPod Touch

It also works on all Android devices

How to Download AppEven :

AppEven is a very simple installer to download but you won’t find it in the app stores. Apple doesn’t allow this kind of app into the store, so the developers don’t bother trying to get it in there. Instead, you can follow the guide that we have drawn up for you at the link below :

None of the app installers are ever going to be complete replacements for Cydia; the jailbreak store offered a lot of tweaks and apps that can’t possibly be reproduced without the jailbreak. However, AppEven is one of the more comprehensive and it does offer us a good interim solution; it is also good for non-jailbreakers who want some extra apps and features and will fill the gap while we are waiting for jailbreak news.

AppEven is free, all the content is free forever and, with no jailbreak required, more people can use it. It’s well worth downloading so try it today and if you don’t like it, you can easily delete it. For more updates, follow us on Facebook.

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