Top Fake iOS 7 Jailbreak Tools – Dont Download

Is there or isn’t there an iOS 7 jailbreak tool?  This is a question that many are asking, simply because of the number of fake sites that are appearing on the internet.  Well, the truth is, there isn’t one, not yet.  Evad3rs are working hard on it and as soon as it is ready to be released, we’ll tell you.

There are any number of sites you will come across and we are going to talk about three of them. By the end of this article you should be able to spot a fake jailbreak a mile off.

iJailbreak Pro


iJailbreak Pro claim to offer the best iOS 7 jailbreak solution available. One small problem, it will cost you.  Their prices start at $29.90 and they offer you a full money back guarantee. They say there will be no questions asked if you want your money back but there will be, or you’ll be offered something else instead, but no money will make its way back to you.

iJailbreak Pro also include an unlock tool in this price.  It’s been an awful long time since a combined jailbreak and unlock tool was released and that was only for a small number of older devices. And, since Apple patched a few exploits, that one no longer works anyway.

They also “offer” an excellent level of customer service. Be very surprised if you ever get to speak to a real person or if you get a real response and not just some stock answer from any email or support tickets raised.

Apple Unlocker


Apple Unlocker claim to be able to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone within 5 minutes. They also claim that their software will unlock all iPhone models on any firmware. That should start the alarm bells ringing. For a start, not all unlock tools work on all models of the iPhone – older ones may require something a little bit different.  Unlocking also has little to do with your firmware and more to do with which baseband you are running.

They offer, for a one-off fee of $19.95, a 30-day money back guarantee, a hassle free one at that. They also ask you to try the software with no risk. No risk means you shouldn’t have to make a payment; it’s highly unlikely that you will ever get your money back anyway. Especially as, although they offer full support, they don’t give you a phone number to ring, just an email enquire form. Not a lot of good if your iPhone becomes unusable and you can’t get hold of them.

iJailbreak Tool

ijailbreak ios 7

This one is only for jailbreaking, no unlock tool included.  They claim to be able to jailbreak virtually every Apple device going, except for the newest ones. No mention is made of any specific firmware that can or can’t be jailbroken. It has never been a case of one utility works for all – older devices sometimes require different software and, in some cases, the device will be too old to be jailbroken anyway.

They charge a one-off membership fee of $24.99 and for that, you get the jailbreak, a full 100% satisfaction guarantee, and access to jailbreak guides and videos. If you want your money back, good luck. The only way to contact them is via email, no phone number, or any personal details whatsoever.


It’s simple really, don’t do it. There is absolutely no need to pay for a jailbreak when there are perfectly reliable and reputable ones available now. The iOS 7 tool will be available, we just don’t know when yet.

iphone 5s jailbreak evasi0n ios 7

Team evad3rs are getting a little annoyed at the number of fake websites that are appearing, especially ones that are set up in their name and  Planetbeing has already tweeted his annoyance at these sites.

Wait. Have a little patience and let these guys do their work. They are plugging away at the jailbreak, in their own time, to make sure that you get the best and most reliable software, for free. Remember, it took them 5 months to release evasi0n for iOS 6 so don’t be too impatient about this one.

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  1. Thanks for the info. Please, when the IOS 7.0.2 jailbreak is out, please announce it widely. IOS7 trashed IPhones by making it MANDATORY you use THEIR Cloud to sync Calendar Appointments (Win OS w/ Outlook).

    This is Apple’s way of FORCING you to put your info (what, where, when you are going somewhere) on their server.

    At the rate data is being sold currently, this is a Brilliant idea by Apple! Think about it.

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