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Yesterday, in a surprise and unannounced move, evad3rs released the untethered jailbreak for iOS 7. It is compatible with all iPhones from the 3GS upwards, the iPad 2 and above and he iPod Touch 5th Generation, so long as they are running iOS 7 through to 7.0.4.

Image : iOS 7 Evasi0n Jailbreak Problem Apple Logo Stuck

stuck at apple logo iphone 6

Many iOS users have rushed to download the jailbreak but it is turning out to be somewhat unstable at the moment with a variety of issues being reported.  It is worth mentioning that not even the creator of Cydia, Saurik, was informed of the release, so compatibility with many of the tweaks and apps on Cydia is a bit shaky.

One of the main issues that has been reported is that iOS devices are getting stuck at the Apple logo screen when the device reboots after installing the jailbreak.  There is a very high chance that this is nothing to do with instability of the jailbreak.

Jailbreak developers have always warned people not to upgrade their firmwares via OTA updates as these most definitely interfere with the workings of the utility.  Most of those who are experiencing the issue of the Apple logo screen have most likely done just that. To get out of this you need to carry out a hard reset and restore. Make sure you have a backup of the data and contents of your device first, something you should always do before you apply a jailbreak.

Fix Stuck at Apple Logo :

  1. Connect your iOS device to your PC with the USB cable and open iTunes connect with pc mac iphone (2)
  2. Hold down the Power and Home buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds
  3. Let go of the Power button and continue to hold the Home button until you see a Device Detected in Recovery message in iTunes press and hold power and home button
  4. Hold down SHIFT [on windows] or Alt if you use a Mac system and, at the same time click on Restore in iTunes  press and hold shift key
  5. iTunes will now restore your device to iOS 7.0.4 restore iphone itunes
  6. Try to install Evasi0n 7 again – it should now work.

If you find the same error, you can do nothing except follow the above steps again and wait for evad3rs to release an update to evasi0n for iOS 7.

UPDATE 26/01/2015

Since Evasi0n 7 was released, Apple has upgraded their firmware to iOS 8. That has resulted in three new jailbreaks being released, the latest one just a few days ago for Mac users. The problem with getting stuck at the Apple logo is not just happening on iOS 7 jailbreaks; users on the iOS 8 jailbreaks are also experiencing the same issue. For those that have updated to iOS 8 and used Taig or Pangu to jailbreak, take a look at our updated instructions for fixing this issue.

Let us know how you get on with jailbreaking your device using this utility, or if you have decided to wait until things are a little more stable. Follow us on TwitterFacebook and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news.

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79 Responses - Add Yours+

  1. KonMan says:

    Done this step 3x with boot loop again and again and again…..

  2. Erik says:

    I updated my ipod 5 to 7.0.4 on OTA And The jailbreak was successful !For me

  3. Ezekiel says:

    My co workers and i all did the update.. It was easy ,no problems and so nice. I even forgot to turn off the lock screen so i thought i would have problems as it kept asking me to enter unlock code.. But.. Its so great to have this update.. Yes Cydia , many programs still not working but more each day.. Alredy got the font for our country., that was the most important.. Thankful for those evasi0n guys….

  4. D Bo says:

    I have an iphone 5s 64 gig. I installed the jailbreak with on issues. Once I’m actually in cydia nothing works. No backgrounds or tweaks take effect once I resrping from winter board. My phone is 7.0.4

  5. Angel says:

    iPhone 5 after jailbreak the status in iTools JAILBREAK: NO, But there is cydia installed in my phone, but not tweaks are working.

  6. mitch says:

    Yeah I did my ipad and got stuck on a bootloop . Had to restore the damn thing. Thank goodness I backed it up first.i scared to try it again. I just mite not even jailbreak it. I do t know anymore. Seems like jailbreak in is getting old. Gonna sit back and read and see what other people say about this jailbreak before I try again.

    • aimee says:

      I fucking tried jailbreaking my ipad and it got stuck on rebooting -_- i dont wanna restore it because i didnt back it up :c i dont know what to do…should i just restore it

      • Tom Wilson says:

        Yes… It’s either no iPad or no memory! Seeing how you paid over $400 to get it I would go with no memory!

  7. rondog says:

    I tried about 6 times and over and over the same thing apple logo loop. I restored it on itunes but obviously the jailbreak is not quite ready for the ipad 2.

    • DSR_1106 says:

      It says in red that this jailbreak does not yet support iPad2 on the evasion download page. I am dealing with the same problem and went to check for a new version and saw the warning posted

      • Phatkat says:

        If it does have a warning in red…. They must have just put it there this morning(12/26/13) because when I downloaded it last night(12/25/13) there was no warning!

    • decron says:

      my ios 7.0 got stock on apple logo when i tried to jailbreak it and i cannot open my ipad even i tried to restore it on ios 7.0.4 i got error 3194 please kindly help me

  8. Troy says:

    I’m have a iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.4 and everything works fine, no issues
    Only my iPad 2 have problems. It was stuck on a reboot loop.

  9. Robiwn says:

    I have no problem upgrading to IOS 7.0.4 except it indicate failure to upgrade after few minute but using restore again and wait for awhile, everything is upgraded to IOS 7.0.4 no problem.
    I also do not encounter any issue on jailbreaking my iPhone 5, iPad 2 and ipad 3. All is smooth…
    Any idea any Appsync program is updated so I can install crack program?
    Important is do it slowly and follow the tutorial but don’t panic! I never encounter any problem at all. Thanks to this wonderful webside for helping us all this time. Kudos to this team!!!

  10. Abdul Qadir Ansari says:

    I did not face any problem while upgrading I-phone 5 from ios 6.1 into 7.0.4. Thereafter i restore my data and applications.
    Later I performed jailbreaking by Evasion7.
    My system is working fine.
    Cydia SBSsetting is not working.

  11. Tonyboy says:

    I had jail broken my Ipod 5 just fine. I only ran into a continuous reboot later one night. All I had to do was do a hard shut down and it was fine after that.

  12. Kylier says:

    MY phone is stuck on logo screen ive tried that but it wont even connect to itunes?

    • Alf34 says:

      Connect ur iPhone to iTunes press power and home button simultaneously until you see the sign connect to iTunes and restore it again

  13. Lucky says:

    Will it be able to jailbreak an iPhone 4 it’s on ios7.0.4

  14. Kalajengking says:

    Mine stuck at configuring system (2/2) any body can help on this???????

  15. Alf34 says:

    To robiwn are you sure that your ipad2 was jailbroken coz mine was not it was stuck with Apple logo

  16. Think says:

    Tried Evasi0n on my iPhone 5S 64GB and perfectly worked! So does Cydia just click complete upgrade. Two thumbs up!!! Well done!

  17. Calvin says:

    My iPad 2 STUCKS AT REBOOTING LOOP!! I really need help !!

  18. Glenn says:

    I also was stuck on logo after my first attempt jailbreaking my iPad 2 ,after I restored it with iTunes I tried once more and it worked perfect ,also work perfect on my iPad 4 and iPhone 5.

  19. Glenn says:

    Set it in DFU mode and restore it with iTunes then run jailbreak tool again ,I recommend turning of any antivirus software when this is done!

  20. Meister says:

    I have Ipad 3 GSM.

    3 days ago i run jailbreak and my ipad stuck at apple logo fix, then had to make a recovery and restore.

    Today i tried again, and it’s jailbroken. This is what I did differently:
    -- Closed all apps in Ipad.
    -- Turned off the inicial code as recomended;
    -- I waited until it was completely finished (at the first time i pressed “exit” in evasion7 when it appears at the end of instalation, now a waited patiently as recomended until ipad was completly rebooted).

  21. Eric says:

    I tried on an iphone 4 cdma with 8gb. first time -- stuck at apple logo. restore, tried again with ANTIVIRUS off and it worked !!! Awesome jailbreak -- thanks

  22. edmfish says:

    I have ipad 2. It was running IOS 5.1 before being upgraded to 7.0.4 by Itune (not OAT). After JB, i got stuck at apple logo. I tried to restore the ipad couple times but i still got stuck at apple logo.
    When i run Ios 5.1, i had passcode but i did not disable it before upgrade to 7.0.4. When runing 7.0.4, no passcode was asked. then I JB the ipad. I think the problem may be because i did not disable the passcode.
    Is there anyway to fix the problem ? thanks

    note: I was able to JB my iphone 4 and iphone 4s without any issues.

    • edmfish says:

      just read from evasion website at the end of the page.

      “Warning! We have reports that the iPad 2 (wifi) is not yet compatible with the jailbreak and will certainly get stuck in a reboot loop. Avoid trying evasi0n on that model till we make further investigations”

  23. iphone 4 says:

    help! mine is stuck at the apple logo and it won’t restart even if i clicked home + power button together!

  24. mohammad says:


  25. K1ll3rbyt3 says:

    I tried restoring to the 7.0.4 firmware downloaded from the redsn0w site, putting the iPhone 4S 7.0.2 in the DFU Mode, itunes was restoring and it gives me the error 4014 “Unable to restore device”. Help will be MUCH appreciated!

  26. Divany says:

    Well my iphone 5 running on 4.0.2 (Dowloaded using OTA) gave me the boot loop and me being so excited that the jailbreak came out, did not back up my device. I was thinking i had no problems jailbreaking any device because i never had an issue but i guess i was wrong and lost all my data. I advise people to ALWAYS back up your device before jailbreaking because this really bit me in my ass. Lost all my pictures, notes, contacts.

  27. gazalli says:

    Guys what with the unknown error 3004 , i tried try to restore it but this message appeared

    Sorry for the bad english .

  28. eggert says:

    I made jb to my ipad mini and got stuck at logo
    so i tried to restore but i cant because it says (error 3194)
    i checked out apple support and it says to upgrade to latest so i upgraded but nothing. so can anyone plz help me to fix my ipad mini?

    • Muamualee says:

      You can try to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo with iTunes:
      1. Connect the device to your computer and open iTunes.
      2. If the device appears in iTunes, select and click Restore on the Summary pane. Learn more about restoring iOS software.
      3. If the device doesn’t appear in iTunes, try to force the device into recovery mode, and then restore it.

      If the above steps do not resolve the issue, contact Apple, or you can use FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery.

  29. Patrick says:

    my iphone is stuck in the apple boot logo and i get it in recovery mode and connected it to itunes. than i’ve got the message “to use this iphone you need to restore it. blabla” I pressed “OK” and it goes away. also my iphone is than NOT visible in iTunes.
    Please help me

    iPhone 5
    iOS 7.0.4

  30. Dion says:

    I open Evasion7, the status bar goes half way and….NOTHING

    • Dion says:

      Scratch that. It’s working now. I went and clicked on the Evasion app and it continued from there. Woohoo. My iphone 5 is now jailbroken.

      • Jose says:

        i recomend to restore iphone
        i have lost mine due to jailbreak
        hear me out this can save your phone

  31. Sam says:

    When i hold down shift and click restore it brings up a folder with nothing PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Steven says:

    Currently I used my iPad 3 (new iPad as you would call it) and I was stuck at the apple logo (and then I googled about it and how to fix it ^.^ currently restoring it but I do strongly believe that its not quite ready for iPads 2+.

  33. Ryan says:

    This happened to me but i really don’t want to restore factory settings! is there a way I could fix this without having to totally reset my phone? Please help!

    • Jose says:

      try to restart it and hold volume up as soon as the apple shows up hold it for sometime it should show you the lock screen after that go to cydia and uninstall the past few tweaks

  34. Asad says:

    I have updated my iphone 4s from ios 6.1.3 to 7.0.4 but both evasions 7 versions 1.01 and 1.02 stuck in the way and jailbreaking doesn’t finish so i get fedup after about half hour so i plug off my phone any solution?

    • Derick Martis says:

      Just restore ur phone by iTunes & then try again, use original data cable & make sure that u hv disabled antivirus in ur PC

  35. Gustavo says:

    What if the power button doesn’t work? My iPhone 5 is stuck at apple logo and the power button doesn´t work (didn’t work before trying jailbreak anyway).

  36. Rh8369 says:

    Hi, Phone and process worked on 2nd attempt but phone is still SIM locked ie: I put another carriers sim in and it wont unlock -- any ideas?

  37. Derick Martis says:

    Hi all, in this issue, to restore your iphone, use original data cable & make sure that u have disabled antivirus which prevent your iphone to restore.

  38. Chelsea says:

    i have a problem, my power button is broken, is there anything i can do to try and reboot my phone. i have a back up. so im not worried about losing anything, i just want my phone back! i was up all night trying for hours and hours to get ANYTHING to work. ive never done anything like this so i have no clue what im doing. can anyone help me. throw me some ideas. :) thanks guys, im sure someone out there knows what the hell i can do!

  39. moustapha says:

    mine stuck on apple logo i connect it to iTunes but it nothing i press power and home button and also nothing on itunes plz what can i do ???? :S

  40. pissedoffuser says:

    advice: don’t try jailbreaking when your life/job revolves around the use of your iphone.

  41. nick says:

    my iPhone 5 is still stuck on the logo screen and I’ve tried this so many times!!!

  42. j says:

    iphone 4 on ios 7.0.2. by OTA and I ran into this. Oops. ):

  43. j says:

    I belive 7.0.2…. Hmm

  44. j says:

    Tried again with the 7.0.4. that I got with restoreing the phone. worked!

  45. Jose says:

    My ipod 5 wont even restore it has a macintosh error
    And ive tried every methond but it doesnt work
    Cant even get to lockscreen >.<

  46. Agua says:

    my iphone 5 wont install cydia, the evasion app is on the phone but i dont think its supposed to b there, please help.

  47. Bram says:

    My ipad 2 is stuck on the apple logo, but when i hold down the home- and power button it goes off en then immediatly on again. It doesbt connect to itunes either.

  48. tech-d00d says:

    I had a similar problem. Iphone 4, ios 7.0.4, used evasi0n and got stuck on the boot up loop. You can no longer restore iphones that are below iOs 7.1.2 iTunes/apple server will no longer “sign” (authenticate -whatever you want to call it) as they are trying to bump everything up to ios 8.

    My solution was to restore my phone to ios 7.1.2 directly from DFU/ restore state. Luckily it worked, iTunes authenticated and I now have a working phone with an update to ios 7.1.2. Yes, apple DID authenticate the restore to ios 7.1.2. My next step is to use Pangu for jailbreak.

    Good luck to everyone else. And better get on it quick before apple makes all of ios 7 obsolete forever.

  49. Gannon says:

    I recently attempted to jailbreak my iPhone 4, and when I clicked on the Cydia app, a screen popped up that said: “Preparing Filesystem”. Then after that, it rebooted my phone. But when I tried to open the lock screen when it turned on, it just goes back to the apple logo. But when i receive a text, I am able to get on my phone, but all the apps are gone and I am unable to get on my home screen. Any Suggestions?

  50. Aiden says:

    Hey I jailbroke my iphone4s but for Some reason it will not turn on now! It’s just a blank screen I’ve had the battery and screen replaced brand new but it still won’t and if I try to reset it, it says on computer waiting for iPhone and the phone turns on but only loads half way. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!! Thank you

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