Send Files from iPhone 5S Bluetooth to other Phones

Bluetooth is considered to be old hat now and users of Android and other major platforms like to make fun of the fact that Apple still includes it on their hardware.  It really isn’t the best part of the iPhone nor is it the fastest method of file transferring available.

Image : Bluetooth App Transfer for iPhone 5S

bluetooth file transfer ios 7

However, the game plan changes when you have a jailbroken iPhone.  There are a number of tweaks available in Cydia that enhance the Bluetooth capabilities of the iPhone and one of the best is called AirBlue.

AirBlue has recently been given an update that enables it to share files, not just between iOS devices but from iOS to Android, Mac, Linux, Windows and many other major platforms.  The update also included support for iOS 7 and is one of the few tweaks that is fully compatible with the A7 processor – the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 with Retina.

Image : AirBlue Interface and Download over Bluetooth

airblue ios 7 bluetooth app download  (3)airblue ios 7 bluetooth app download  (4)

Using AirBlue to transfer files is easy.  Most apps contain a Share option and, with AirBlue installed, sharing is as easy as tapping that Share button.  Pairing devices with AirBlue as full support for native pairing is included – no more having to re-pair your devices every time you want to share files.

As well as iOS devices, you can also use AirBlue to transfer files form other platforms and devices.  For example, if you have an Android device or you use a PC with Windows, you can send files to your iPhone and, provided you have it installed, AirBlue takes care of the transfer.

The new updated version of AirBlue also now includes Wi-Fi support which speeds up transfers – only works on transfers between iOS devices, a Wi-Fi hotspot option, and import of images and contacts from one phone to another.

Download :

airblue ios 7 bluetooth app download  (2)

AirBlue is available on Cydia, in the BigBoss repo for just $4.99.

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