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People who jailbreak do it for two reasons – one, to show apple that they have control of their own iPhone or iPad and two, so they can get hold of apps, tweaks and themes that can do some pretty cool things. The app store for a jailbroken device is called Cydia and, while many of the contents are free, just occasionally the developer will put a small price tag on an app, just to cover the time they have put in to developing it.

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cydia app download ios 8

Paid apps in Cydia are not expensive. Most are priced at around the $1 mark with a few at $4.99 and a couple of the more expensive ones at around $10. However, as with everything, there are always those who don’t want to pay and go looking for pirate apps.

Hackul0us was the clear winner when it came to cracked apps but they disappeared overnight. So, for those of you that don’t want to put your hand in your pocket and reward the developers, here are the top five repositories that house pirate content.

Steps of Adding a Repo

First, you will need to add the repo, before you can download any apps from these sources.

  1. Tap on the Cydia icon to open it
  2. Tap on Sources
  3. Tap on Edit add cydia repo
  4. Tap on Add
  5. Type in the URL – listed below with each source

UPDATE 20/01/2015

While there have been no changes to the list of repositories, iOS has been updated and now stands at iOS 8.1.2. Not all the apps will have been updated to support iOS 8+ yet so be aware of that when you are busy downloading them. Downloading unsupported apps can cause problems on your device, resulting in the need to restore and start all over again. You can check our updated list of repositories that contain pirate apps for iOS 8 here.

Top Cydia Repos for Free Paid Apps – URL:

insanelyi repo ios 8

Insanelyi is well known for containing pirate apps along with plenty of legal ones as well. It is home to quite a range of different apps and tweaks as well as themes that allow you to modify your iPhone or iPad.

Popular App – AppSwitcher  

HackYouriPhone – URL:

hack your iphone

HackYouriPhone is home to a number of themes, including those compatible with Dreamboard. There are also a large number of different games and apps that are cracked.

Popular Apps – iSHSHit and AndroidLock

SinfuliPhone – URL:

SinfuliPhone is one of the more popular Cydia sources for different apps, themes and tweaks, many of them cracked.

Popular Apps – BiteSMS and MyWi

Xsellize – URL:

xsellize repo ios 8

Xsellize is full of a mix of pirate apps and legal ones, including some of the most popular to be found on Cydia, many found in other repos.

Popular Apps – MyWiAndroidLock and BiteSMS

iHackStore – URL:

ihackstore repo ios 8

The final source in our pirate countdown is iHackStore. It’s full of pirate apps and genuine, paid ones as well, including some very popular ones.

Popular App – Auxo

DISCLAIMER – Although we have provided these sources for you, we do not condone piracy in any shape. The developers work hard to bring us these apps and charge very little for them. If you must use pirate apps, use them only to try an app and then buy the genuine version from the developer.

Also, please be aware that the use of pirate apps increases your chances of picking up a virus or malware on your mobile device.

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