10 Reasons to Jailbreak Apple iWatch

The Apple watch launched a little under a week ago and already people are starting to talk about jailbreaking it. We looked at the Top 10 reasons why we would want to jailbreak the Apple Watch .

Image : Apple Watch Jailbreak Reasons

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  1. Custom Apple Watch Faces

Apple includes a number of watch faces but no custom ones. While we may see Apple approved third party ones become available later on, the likelihood of the Cupertino Company allowing us to use what we want is slim to none.

  1. Native and Independent Apple Watch Apps

The obvious reason for this is speed. Plus, there would be loads of things you could do without having to have a paired iPhone with you at the same time, such as playing music.

  1. Customize Timeout Settings

In a bid to save on battery life, the Apple watch tends to timeout the screen rather quickly. Jailbreaking would allow us to customize that for our own needs.

  1. Better Battery Saving

We’ve got the battery saving apps for the iPhone so why not for the Apple Watch ? Users should be able to tune the watch to their own settings to save battery in a  way that they want to.

  1. Custom Watch Winterboard Themes

The biggest reason why people jailbreak in the first place is to set a theme of their choice and the same could work for the Apple Watch.

  1. Activator Gestures

Activator is the most popular gestures app on Cydia and it would handy to be able to use something similar on the Apple Watch

  1. Better Customization for Taptic Engine Feedback

It isn’t always easy to tell when the taptic engine wants to get your attention so jailbreaking could allow us to set more intensive feedback rates and custom patterns for specific notifications.

  1. Custom Complications

Complications are the little items that give you quick details on things like sunrise and sunset schedules, moon phases, etc. Apple provides quite a few but we could have custom ones.

  1. Web Browsing on Watch

Safari is not on the Apple Watch home screen, probably because the screen is too small and the app is too demanding in terms of battery. Users should have the option though and jailbreaking would give us that.

  1. Play Audio

You can’t listen to any music using the inbuilt speaker and that is something that jailbreaking would give us.

What would you like to see on a jailbroken Apple Watch ?

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