iPhone 6 Not Booting after Cydia App Install – Fix & Prevent

Saurik, together with the rest of the jailbreak developers, put a great deal of effort into making sure that jailbreaking is safe and that you can use Cydia and all it contains without suffering any problems. A recent update to Cydia reinforces that safety net and ensures that, should any issues arise, users can put their devices into Safe Mode and troubleshoot any bad packages or other issues that might be casing problems.

Image : iPhone 6 Not Booting after Jailbreak App Install

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Most jailbreak issues come from one of two causes – too many packages installed or incompatible or bad packages. Safe Mode allows a jailbreaker to remove those packages without having any effect on the rest of the jailbreak.

The update to Cydia also contains a fix for a CPU issue that was reported by a number of users on iOS 8+. Before the update, jailbreakers found that, while booted in safe mode, the springboard was using an excessive amount of the CPU, causing running problems, battery issues and overheating. Most users don’t tend to leave their devices in safe mode for long periods so the impact should have been minimal. That said, all users should update to the latest version ASAP to ensure no future problems.

Safe Mode works the same way on a jailbroken device as it does on your desktop. By placing your iPhone into safe mode, it boots up with the minimum amount of extensions needed so that you can pinpoint and remove the problems.

How to Download Cydia Substrate Update :

  1. Open Cydia from your Home Screen
    ios 8 cydia iphone 6 plys landscape
  2. Tap Changes
  3. Look for the update with a version number of 0.9.5100
  4. If it isn’t there, tap on Refresh and it should appear
  5. Tap the update and then tap on Install 
  6. If you are still unable to get it , go to Search and type in Substrate Safe Mode as shown below and then install it . substrate safe mode cydia ios 82ios 8

UPDATE : Following a problem with incompatibility in some extensions, Cydia Substrate has been updated to v0.9.5101. If you haven’t jailbroken your iOS yet, you can follow these tutorials to help you do so safely using Pangu and TaiG .

How to Jailbreak iOS 8.1 and iOS 8.1.1 :

Did you notice any problems with Safe Mode on your device ?

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