iOS 7 and Evasion

On Monday June 10th Apple opened their WWDC with a keynote speech. During the speech they revealed an impressive line-up of devices and 2 newly designed operating systems. Mac OS X has been given a good going over and so has the iOS firmware. iOS 7 is, to say the least, a little different from its predecessor.  It’s undergone a complete redesign, losing its skeuomorphic look and some of its gloss. It’s even got brand new icons, which didn’t go down to well with some and a whole bunch of upgraded apps and new features.


It hasn’t escaped notice that some of the new features Apple included this time around look somewhat like a few of the more well-known jailbreak tweaks. It’s no secret that Apple does not approve of jailbreaking but some of their best ideas have come from this arena.

Right now iOS is in its Beta stage, with iOS 7 Beta 2 having been released on Monday to registered developers.  While the hackers already have most of the exploits they need to build the next untethered jailbreak utility, being able to get a closer look at the inner workings of iOS 7 is giving them the information they need to take it in the right direction.

Many have asked why an evasion jailbreak tool hasn’t been issued for iOS 6.1.3 or 6.1.4. The answer is fairly straightforward – there is no point in wasting exploits on what can only be described as minor updates. It’s far better to wait for the next big upgrade which is, of course iOS 7. Evasion will be released for iOS 7 but not until the firmware has been thoroughly tested and is released publicly, possibly in September.

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