How to Restore iOS 7.0.6 without Losing Jailbreak

For those of you that have not been keeping up with the news, iOS 7.1, released on March 10th, patched the exploits used in the Evasi0n 7 untethered jailbreak.  Right now, we should assume that there will not be a jailbreak for iOS 7.1. Pod2g has already told us Evad3rs are not yet actively working on one and instead will likely focus on the next major update, iOS 8.

Image : Semi-Restore iOS 7.0.6

semi restore windows 8

So, what does this mean for jailbreakers? It means that, if you do inadvertently update, you will no longer be able to jailbreak and you will lose what jailbreak you had on your device.  Unfortunately there is no going back from this but what happens if you have a problem on your iOS 7.0.6 jailbroken device and have to restore it?

iTunes will restore to iOS 7.1, wiping out your jailbreak.  There is some good new though.  Many of you will remember a jailbreak app called SemiRestore. It was originally released to support iOS 6 but developers CoolStar have decided to keep it updated and have now released SemiRestore7 for iOS 7.

Image : Semi Restore running on iPhone 5S

semi restore ios 7 (2)

SemiRestore7 will restore your iOS device without removing your jailbreak.  What it does is clears out broken or corrupted files and restores you back to a factory state, without touching your jailbreak and without updating you to iOS 7.1.

Download Semi Restore :

It is a useful tool to have if you need to put your iOS 7-7.0.6 device into recovery or DFU modeSemiRestore 7 is now available as a download for Windows users with versions for Mac and Linux in the pipeline.

An OpenSSH connection on your device is required for SemiRestore7 to work.  You can download SemiRestore7 from here and it has support for any iOS device running on iOS 5 right through to iOS 7.0.6.

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