Evasion Jailbreak iOS 7 – Will it Support ?

February 4th 2013 was a day that so many people had been waiting for – the release of Evasi0n, the untethered jailbreak utility for iOS 6.  It proved to be the most successful jailbreak tool released in a long time, garnering millions of downloads. And, evad3rs, the team behind it, kept it updated with every firmware release that Apple put out. Up until iOS 6.1.3 came out anyway. At that point, Apple successfully closed down the utility by patching virtually all of the exploits used in it.

ioS 7 Jailbreak evasion

There will not be a jailbreak utility for iOS 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 as the dev teams are currently working on the next big release – iOS 7.  So, one question that is doing the rounds is whether evasi0n will be updated to support iOS 7. The answer to that is in the past. The Chronic Dev team was responsible for GreenPois0n, followed by Absinthe. Redsn0w is one of the most popular bootrom jailbreaks and that is updated regularly. So, the answer would seem to be, yes, evasi0n would most likely be updated to support iOS 7 rather than a brand new utility being built. That said, ex Chronic dev team leader P0sixninja has talked about releasing his own untethered iOS 7 jailbreak so we could see two doing the rounds.

No iOS 7 Jailbreak Till Final Release :

No untethered jailbreak utility is going to be released until iOS 7 is publicly rolled out, most likely in September. Following that, the jailbreak will have to be thoroughly tested on a number of devices and operating systems so do not expect to see it as soon as iOS 7 is out.

We’ll keep you up to date on the jailbreak news and, as soon as the utility is released we’ll provide you with the guides you need to use it. In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter for updates direct to your inbox.

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