Evasion for iOS 7 – Release Date

iOS 7 . The untethered jailbreak. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for. Unfortunately, we have to wait a little longer.  iOS 7 is on its 5th beta at the moment, with at least one more expected before the Gold Master is released. After that, we can expect to see the public release of iOS 7, possibly mid to late September.

evasion on iOS 7 iphone 5

Only when the firmware is out publicly can we even begin to think about the untethered jailbreak that evad3rs, responsible for evasi0n, are working on.  Evasi0n was one of the most successful jailbreaks ever, released in February 2013 for iOS 6. It lasted until Apple released 6.1.3 and shut most of the doors leading into the jailbreak and it resulted in millions of downloads.

Final iOS 7 Beta Release Date :

So, when can we expect to see an untethered jailbreak for iOS 7 ?  Let’s assume that there will be one more beta, version 6, probably to be released on August 19th or 26th. Around 2 weeks after that we could reasonably expect the Gold Master – that takes us to 2nd or 9th September.

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C release Date – Expected 

Apple are rumored to be holding a media event on 10th September to reveal their new device line up for the season and reveal the iOS 7 release date.   This could be on around the 19th to 23rd September. Allowing time for the developers to finalize the jailbreak utility and then put it through its stringent testing phase, we could perhaps be looking forward to its release sometime in October.

Of course, this depends on how much work there is left to do and how long the testing phase lasts.  With iOS 6 it took the developers around 5 months to come up with a working utility so don’t be too surprised if we don’t see it until early next year sometime.  We’ll keep you informed of developments as they happen.




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