No Evasi0n Jailbreak since July 2014 – Time to Forget Them

Back in 2012, a new jailbreak team appeared on the scene. They were called Evad3rs and, in February 2013, after a long wait they produced what was the best and most popular jailbreak to date, Evasi0n for iOS 6. It took them several months to build it but it was worth the wait and became the most downloaded jailbreak ever. That utility was kept updated right through to iOS 6.1.2 and, based on their success, Evad3rs followed with a jailbreak for iOS 7 just before Christmas in 2013.

Image : Evasion Jailbreak Time is Over

evasion jailbreak team

It wasn’t their best effort to start with but it a number of updates soon stabilized it and the jailbreak continued through to iOS 7.1.2, which was released at the end of June 2014. An update to the jailbreak utility followed in July and it all looked hopeful until iOS 7.1.3 came out and Evad3rs gracefully bowed out. Their reason at the time was that they wanted to focus their time and effort on iOS 8, due for release in the September of that year.

That was the last we heard from Team Evad3rs. Luckily for jailbreakers, a new team from China appeared, called Pangu, with the jailbreak for iOS 7.1.3. They followed that up with a jailbreak for iOS 8-8.1, which was patched within a month and replaced by a utility for iOS 8.1.1 by another Chinese team called Taig.

Image : Evaders Twitter Page Inactive Since Long [Twitter Link]

evasion8 (2)

Evad3rs seem to have disappeared off the scene, most likely for good. Not a word has been heard from them since their last jailbreak in 2014, not even a comment on any of the subsequent jailbreaks. A report came out last year suggesting they had permanently retired from the jailbreak community and, as they have remained silent, we can only assume that this is the case.

It could be that, because we have such a choice of jailbreaks now they don’t feel that they need to be involved any longer. Whatever their reason, it’s quite possibly time to forget about Evad3rs and move on with the teams that are actively working for us.

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