Download Apple iWatch Apps – Widgets on iPhone 6

In less than one week, the Apple Watch will be hitting the streets with preordering already started on 10 April.  We already know what to expect in terms of price and, while there will undoubtedly be high sales figures for the Watch, not everyone wants one or can justify the expense. But, that doesn’t stop you from downloading some of the nicer widgets onto your iPhone. First off, the widgets themselves are free to download but you will need a tool to apply them with. That tool is called LockHTML 4 and it costs $1 to purchase. There is a way to get it for free but it’s a little more complicated.

Image : Downloading iWatch Widget Apps

apple watch widgets

How to Download the Apple Watch Widgets :

First off, you need to add a repo to Cydia:

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Tap on Sources > Edit > Add 
  3. Type in
  4. Tap on Add and the repo will be downloaded

Your iPhone will respring, so go back into Cydia, into the new repo and download the following:

  • Apple Watch “Chronograph”
  • Apple Watch “Simple”
  • Apple Watch Weather for LockHTML
  • LockHTML 4 – cost $1

Image : iWatch Widgets on your iPhone

watchwidget2 watchwidget1iwatch face iphone 6

Download LockHTML Free :

You can now go into your LockHTML settings and apply the widgets. If you don’t have LockHTML 4 and don’t want to pay for it, here’s how to get it – you will need iFile installed :

  1. Install the widgets as normal
  2. Download GroovyLock and install it
  3. Open iFile and go to /var/mobile/Library/LockHTML
  4. Copy the files to /var/mobile/Library/GroovyLock

The widgets can now be applied by going into the GroovyLock settings.

To get the weather widget to display the right weather for you, you will need to do a bit of editing within the weather.js file using iFile:

Using LockHTML 4 :

  1. Open iFile and go to /var/mobile/Library/LockHTML/WATCH – Weather.theme/weather.js
  2. Tap on Text Viewer

Using GroovyLock :

  1. Open iFile and go to var/mobile/Library/GroovyLock/WATCH – Weather.theme/weather.js
  2. Tap on Text Viewer

Now you need to edit a couple of lines:

  • Line 2 – open up to get the WOEID for your location – input it into line 2
  • Line 3 – Change Imperial to show Metric if you want to
  • Line 4 – Input the correct time zone for your location

Update : More images from users


Video : Tutorial to do the above process

Once you have done this, you should respring your iPhone or iPad for the changes to take effect. Please be aware that these are not the real thing; they are a replica made by the developer for the iPhone and the iPad.

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