Download IntelliScreenX 8 for iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 on iPhone 6

Now that the Pangu jailbreak for iOS 8-8.1 is complete, many developers have been busy building new tweaks for users and updating some of the old ones that have proved incredibly popular over the years. Upwards of 100 tweaks have proved to be hugely popular over the years, receiving updates with every iOS update.

Image : IntelliScreenX 8 For iOS 8

intelliscreen x jailbreakmodo

Update : IntelliscreenX8 is now live . Downloads availble in Cydia . One of those is IntelliscreenX and the developers have announced that the updated version of the tweak is almost ready for release. As a teaser, they published a screenshot of IntelliscreenX 8 running on an iPhone 6, showing that it is still as packed with features as it ever was.

One of the most popular types of tweak in Cydia are those that concentrate on the lock screen and, over the years, a number of highly worthy tweaks have been released. However, while many of them have been one-offs and have long since been forgotten, IntelliscreenX continues to thrive.

From the screenshot, it looks as though little has been changed but we won’t know until the tweak is released into Cydia. At the moment, we have no date for release but the developers say it will be very soon.

Image : IntelliscreenX 8

IntelliscreenX-iOS-8_ipone_6 IntelliscreenX-iOS-8

The tweak will not be free to new users but no price has been given just yet. It isn’t one of the cheapest tweaks on the market but it is well worth the purchase. Although iOS 8 has received a number of new features, many of them based on jailbreak tweaks, the demand of the older favorites is still high and many existing users are eagerly awaiting the release of the updated version.

We’ll let you know as soon as IntelliscreenX 8 is ready for public release, along with pricing details and where to download from. In the meantime, in order to be ready for it, you do need to upgrade to iOS 8+ and you do need to jailbreak your iOS device following the installation guides below:

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