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March 10th was the day that Apple patched Evasi0n 7 when they released iOS 7.1.  Since then, speaking on behalf of Evad3rs, Pod2g has confirmed that the team will not be wasting any exploits they may have on an untethered utility for 7.1, instead preferring to wait until iOS 8.

Image : GeekSn0w Download for iOS 7.1+ Jailbreak

download geeksnow

If you have an iPhone 4, however, you can still perform a tethered jailbreak on iOS 7.1 using a new tool called Geeksn0w. Geeksn0w comes to us courtesy of Winocm and is built using the limera1n exploit that was developed by GeoHot 4 years ago.

Geeksn0w is only available for Windows users. To download Geeksn0w and jailbreak successfully, follow these instructions:

You will need:

  • An iPhone 4 CDMA or GSM (AT&T, Revision A, Global)
  • Geeksn0w
  • iTunes – up to date
  • Java Development Kit
  • Microsoft.NET framework


Steps to Use GeekSn0w 1.0 for Jailbreaking iOS 7.1 :

  1. Open Geeksn0w by right clicking on the app and selecting Run as Administrator run as admin
  2. Connect your iPhone 4 and PC and put your iPhone straight into DFU mode dfu mode ios 7 iphone
  3. Click on Jailbreak in Geeksn0w geeksnow iphone 4 jailbreak
  4. Choose your iPhone model from the drop down list
  5. Geeksn0w will start to jailbreak your iPhone 4 iphone running codes
  6. Leave your iPhone connected to your PC and put it back into DFU mode when Geeksn0w asks you to
  7. Your iPhone 4 will reboot a couple of times during the process
  8. You will be prompted to place your iPhone 4 into DFU for a third and final time
  9. Once done, Geeksn0w will complete the jailbreak on your iPhone 4 and will reboot with Cydia on the home screen iOS-7-jailbreak-cydia-iphone 4 (2)
  10. Respring your device, keeping it connected to your PC, as you would with any tethered jailbreak and you will be able to use Cydia restart springboard ios 7 iphone 5s (2)

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    1. try this before jailbreaking……………..before jailbroke u just restore ur iphone and then try it[full format of ur iphone]

    1. Seems to be a Java problem. I was suffering the same anoying error but i tried on a different computer (a newer one) and it worked for me.

      Hope this will help.


  1. Downloaded the Geeksnow app four times via different links,
    incl. the one on this site, as well as the one on Andrea Bentivegna’s website. Yet, whenever I try to open the file,
    it says this “is not a valid win 32 application”.

    I have the Net 4.5 Framework installed (I run Win XP on this old Windows netbook, and for XP Net 4.5 appears to be the latest supported installation) as well as JDK and the latest iTunes.

    Having downloaded the app. from different sources,
    with the resulting file always having the same size,
    and others (who are not trying to run it on XP) having no trouble opening it, it seems it might be less due to a damaged file, that due to som kine of incompatibility with XP.. -- ? --

    I have read from a few people on Win XP, that they are having the same problem (also despite all the other mentioned prerequisites met).

    Doesn’t someone have an idea what the reason for the Geeksnow app’s ‘unopenability’ on XP could be?
    Or even better, -- could someone who has an idea AND XP on a machine find out a way to make it work???

    Any sound suggestions appreciated!!

    Thanks a lot!

    1. 1]go to safari……
      2]search openappmkt
      3]just add to ur homescreen
      4] it will add in to ur device…… just open and search cydia, add to home screen……..that al

  2. i finished the download and everything and it said done on geeksnow but then i tried turning my iphone on and it put me to the screen where i gotta restore plug it into itunes and when i plugged it in it said i gotta rstore it >.< help please!

    1. hey stop ur itunes process during jailbroke
      if u didnt do this in ur phone safari, itunes, and app store willnt work

  3. Problem when click on Jailbreak Geeksn0w alert messege Your PC don’t have JRE7 don’t worry try to ignore it by click Ok, But make sure your computer have been connected with wifi don’t use with any SIM Card inernet by Modem or Via Hotspot ‘Cuz Java not supported with it.

  4. Hi, i’m brazilian and don’t know speak english ok?
    eu run the geeksn0w of adm, but clico in “jailbreak” and appears this error: you don’t have the JRE7 installed in your PC, but i have, please help-me.
    Sorry for the error of english, i’m beginner in the english class

  5. hi there i have jailbreak my device with geeksnow….
    but when i turn it on it stock it stocks on apple logo plzzz help me

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