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Evasi0n 7, the recently released iOS 7 untethered jailbreak tool, has now been given its first update, for both PC and Mac computers.  Its release number is 1.0.1 and it is for one main reason – to remove Taig.

Image : Remove Taig App from Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak

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You may remember the furor that kicked off when some people noticed a Chinese app store appearing beside Cydia after they had applied the jailbreak. It later came to light that evad3rs, the team responsible for Evasi0n, had signed a deal with Taig, a large Chinese Corporation, to include their app store in the jailbreak.

However, Taig have very close associations to piracy and, although the deal stated categorically that they must not include pirated apps in their store, quite a few were found.  Taig is only downloaded onto those devices that have Chinese set as their first language; however, the inclusion did not sit well with anybody.

Geohot, prominent developer responsible for the Limera1n exploit, has been through the jailbreak with a fine-tooth comb and tells us that it is perfectly safe to download, even with Taig included. However, evad3rs chose to remove it completely, feeling this would be the best decision all round, especially as they have always made it clear that they are against piracy.

Team member Pod2g tells us that there will be further updates in the near future to fix some of the other issues, most notably an issue of the tool’s compatibility with the iPad 2.  Other problem areas include:

These are some of the more common issues. If you have installed Evasi0n 7 and have come across any more please let us know so we can keep all our readers up to date.

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