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One of the top tweaks has finally been given support for iOS 8. Auxo 3 has been released into Cydia for all jailbroken devices and it’s looking better than it ever has. For anyone who has never heard of or used Auxo, it is a multitasking tweak that was first released when Apple didn’t really give the feature much attention. Auxo 3 brings even more refinement and changes, including a “multi-center” and “reachable display” amongst other things.

Image : Auxo 3 for iOS 8

auxo 3 ios 8

Auxo 3 is made up of 3 separate elements:

  • Hot Corners – for advanced features, allowing you to change combinations and settings and really tweak things to your own personal preferences.
  • Multi-Center – a combination of the app switcher and Control Center but much better. You will be able to see previews of apps that are running – a down swipe will bring them into focus and an up swipe will remove them. This has not been activated yet but it is imminent so watch this space
  • Quick Switcher – does exactly what it says, allows you to swipe up to bring up the Quick switcher and flick between apps easily.

Image : Auxo 3 Interface

auxo3-1auxo3-3 auxo3-2 auxo3-6 auxo3-8

Download :

Auxo 3 is fully compatible with iOS 8 and is available for purchase for $2.99 in the BigBoss repository in Cydia. Whilst we do not condone piracy in any form, those of you who prefer not to pay for your tweaks or simply want to try them out before you fork over your hard-earned cash, there are a number of repositories that offer cr@cked apps for download.

You will need to add these repositories to Cydia before you can download the apps and tweaks that you are looking for.

UPDATE 23/01/2015

In the last few days, Auxo 3 has been updated to include a couple of new features and some bug fixes. Features include access to recent contacts in the Notification Center, the ability to easily switch between open apps and changes to Hot Corners as well as more support for iTunes Radio, continuity and better communication with other apps. The update is free to anyone who already has Auxo 3, $0.99 for those with an earlier version and $2.99 if you are a new customer. Read here for more details on Auxo 3 v1.1.

Do you have Auxo already ? Will you be going for the new version ?

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