Apple Watch Successfully Jailbroken by Comex – Update

Today we have news of something that Apple may not have thought within the realm of possibility – a jailbreak for the Apple Watch. Well-known hacker Comex has uploaded a short video showing a web browser loading on an Apple Watch, something that the Watch doesn’t have as standard. Comex says that the operating system for the Apple Watch is based in UIKit but, by default, the SDK doesn’t let native code run so he has been hunting for a way to get round that restriction and looks to have found the answer.

Image : Apple Watch Jailbroken by Comex to run Browser

apple watch jailbreak 2015

While this is a piece of good news, we don’t really know where it will lead. On the other hand, we can’t see that Apple is going to go out of their way to add safari on to the Apple Watch OS either and there is, of course, the question of whether users want to strain their eyes browsing the web on such a tiny screen – and one that is on their wrists at that. That said, no doubt some users will think of some use for it. And, when you consider the fact that, to use an Apple Watch properly you need an iPhone to hand, it’s not really likely that you are going to choose a tiny screen over that.

The Apple Watch released to the public on April 24 and has proven to be more popular than anyone could have predicted, even without the addition of a web browser. There are still problems with supply and demand and many people are still waiting for their preordered Apple Watch to arrive. Do you think that popularity would increase even more if it could be jailbroken ?

Image : Apple Watch running a browser

apple watch browser

It’s more likely that users would rather have a jailbreak for the iPhone and iPad than the Watch but we don’t have any news on that front right now. The latest is that the jailbreak teams are likely to wait for iOS 8.4 before releasing a jailbreak, simply because it will be the last iOS 8 update, giving jailbreakers longer to enjoy it before iOS 9 is released in September.

Have a look at the video Comex has uploaded and tell us what you would use a web browser on the Apple Watch for. Do you even think that jailbreaking the Apple Watch is a good idea?

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  1. Yea I like the Apple watch and have always been into my good watch,s but I don’t like this like I don’t rate the idea because you gotta wear that taccy watch to connect to ya iphone, I love apple products but I’d rather have a Seiko or Omega if I wanted a new watch.Im sure loads of people will buy it but absolutely love all apple products except the watch, I even went to buy one and changed my mind when I found out the amount of stuff it couldn’t do.

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