Get the latest Evasion Download for your iOS device. Download Evasion and jailbreak your iPhone running iOS 8 , iOS 7 , iOS 6.1.3 , 6.1.2 and older versions of iOS 6 firmware on supported devices. Easy steps to jailbreak and download cydia apps included .


Download Evasion for Jailbreaking iOS 8 , iOS 7 , iOS 6.x.x

Install and run Evasion jailbreak on your favorite iOS device and get Cydia. Download unlimited Cydia apps on your phone . Evasion download supported on Windows , Mac OSX Yosemite , Linux . Click your device below to proceed .

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Download Evasion

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While most are concentrating on iOS 7, especially as Beta 2 has just been released, there are still a group of people who are still running iOS 6.1.2 or below and who still want to jailbreak their devices. February 4th was a big day for the jailbreak community. After many months of hard work, sleepless

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Apple Credits Team Pangu for Discovering iOS 8.1 Exploits

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All good things must come to an end and that goes for jailbreak utilities as well. With their release of iOS 8.1.1. Apple has ended the Pangu iOS 8 jailbreak by patching some of the exploits that the team used. Image : Apple Credits Pangu Jailbreak Team Alongside the release, Apple also put up a support

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Download Cydia Substrate Ver 0.9.5015 for Cydia iOS 8

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Over the years, Cydia has been upgraded and improved to become one of the most important aspects of jailbreaking. However, it isn’t just the jailbreak tool and Cydia that go in to providing what users want. Cydia Substrate is an important part of jailbreaking and without it, Cydia wouldn’t be what it is today. Image

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Download IntelliScreenX 8 for iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 on iPhone 6

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Now that the Pangu jailbreak for iOS 8-8.1 is complete, many developers have been busy building new tweaks for users and updating some of the old ones that have proved incredibly popular over the years. Upwards of 100 tweaks have proved to be hugely popular over the years, receiving updates with every iOS update. Image

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How to Jailbreak iPhone 6 iOS 8 using Pangu for Mac

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Almost 3 weeks ago, Pangu released their untethered jailbreak for iOS 8-8.1 and, with a lot of input from Saurik as well, the utility now includes Cydia and is fully updated. The only thing missing is a version for Mac OS X but we have a workaround for now. If you haven’t used Pangu to

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Download Pangu Jailbreak 1.2.1 – Jailbreak iPhone 6 iOS 8.1

pangu 1.2.1 download ios 8 jailbreak

Pangu team are on the ball with their jailbreak utility for iOS 8-8.1. Since it was released, a little over two weeks ago, they have applied a number of updates to it, adding in Cydia, giving users and English version and fixing bugs as soon as they appear. Image : Download Pangu 1.2.1 Just a

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Pangu 8 version 1.2 Released – Quick Download Links

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Pangu jailbreak for iOS 8+ was released just a couple of weeks ago and, since then, it has seen a number of updates and improvements. The latest update is version 1.2.0 and it contains a number of fixes and tweaks to performance. Image : Pangu 8 Evasi0n 1.2.0 Download When the jailbreak was first released,

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iPhone 6 Pangu Jailbreak iOS 8 – iOS 8.1

pangu 8 jailbreak ios 8 download

A couple of weeks ago, shortly after Apple released iOS 8.1. Team Pangu released their iOS 8+ jailbreak tool. The package has been constantly updated over the last couple of weeks to include Cydia, fix bugs and to bring us an English version. The latest version is v1.2.0, which, if you are already jailbroken, you

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Pangu Untether 0.3 Updated to Fix Bricking Problem

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A few days ago, Pangu updated their Untether package to version 0.3, primarily to fix overheating and battery issues on 32-bit devices. However, the update was pulled within hours after users complained that their 64-bit devices were being bricked. Image : Pangu untether 0.3 Download Instructions That update has now been re-released with what is

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Free Download iOS 8 Cydia App – Battery Usage Details

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We are almost 2 weeks on from the release of the iOS 8 jailbreak by Pangu but it hasn’t all been plain sailing. Initially, Cydia was not included with the jailbreak and users had to download it manually. That has now been resolved and Cydia can be installed direct from the Pangu app. Image : Free

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BiteSMS Download for iOS 8.1 – Coming Shortly


There are some tweaks that make jailbreaking worth it and one of those is BiteSMS. It has been around for a while now and, with every update, it just gets better. Today, good news from the developers of the tweak, Delicious Inc. – they will be releasing an update to the tweak to support iOS

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